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Is it important to be scrupulous in essay writing?

12th Apr 18 9:41 am

Is there some kind of magical recipe that can be followed?

If your audience doesn’t understand what you write, you might as well stop writing.

Essays that are worthwhile should have novel, and interestingly intellectually exciting ideas presented most simply and understandably. The writing should challenge the audience. To efficiently achieve this, the written essays should be clear.

When writing an essay is there some kind of magical recipe that can be followed? If there really is, I’m certain the ingredients must include scrupulousness. What is scrupulousness, you may be wondering?  Scrupulousness is essentially the process of making ones essay clear and concise to their audience. This definition may sound quite obvious and straightforward, and most writers may think that their essays are clear. This presumption stems from the thoughts that the writers have the confidence in what they are saying and how they say it. The question is, however, does your audience think so too?

It is scrupulousness that gives the sentences clarity in meaning and makes them sound correct grammatically. The correctness of sentences subsequently makes the paragraphs correct too, and in turn, the whole essay sounds correct. Such scrupulously and clearly written pieces can be ordered online from custom essay writing services for an affordable fee. The client only has to place an order online with clear and complete instructions on how they would like their essay written. A qualified writer is then given the work, and after that, one is guaranteed of quality and scrupulously written essay.

Plain writing, a commonly used term to refer to essays that are written clearly, concisely, and are well organized can be achieved if some desirable qualities of great writing are learned. Writing is a commonly assigned task in almost all aspects in life. The largest challenge comes in when one needs to write directly and with pertinence to the subject matter. If not written with pertinence, there will never be enough space write about all that is considered important to the writer. It goes without mentioning that a concisely written essay requires very outstanding skills in summarizing and analyzing the subject matter.

As mostly required, the essays to be written should be short and to the point and thus the essay’s subject needs to be very specific. When writing, a writer who is scrupulous will ask themselves: What do I intend to convey with this essay? How can I choose my diction carefully to express this in the best way possible? What other novel imagery can I use to make this essay clearer? Is there another way that I can write this precisely? The converse of this is wallowing in generic and overused phrases that come flooding. This, consequently, will unavoidably lead to the concealment of the intended meaning from the audience and even the writer.

To achieve conciseness and clarity, it is imperative for the writer to avoid the use of clichéd figurative language found mostly in print. Refrain from the use of metaphoric phrases and similes that one may have read in other works of literature. For most people, this rule is the hardest since they constantly struggle with prefabricated phrases substituting them for more idyllic simply constructed and concisely written prose. Avoid decorative literature and instead, use outright and declarative language.

Importance of writing essays scrupulously

Given that most essay prompts require brief and precise responses, the subject matter should be equally very straightforward. The essays must be cogently and persuasively written. The writings should have clarity so that the audience’s intention can be drawn immediately. Narrow subjects are known to be hard to research and to be explored in detail. To successfully finish these essays, it is important to put more focus on the major defining parameters of the subject. It is important to include just enough information and that is relevant to the topic.

An impeccably written essay introduction outlines the whole logic of the paper. This strategy of writing is essential for any writing. Giving the reader a clear clue of what to expect in the essay serves a huge purpose of helping them follow your logic and easily link the ideas thus comprehending the story in totality.

Making the readers follow your logic from the beginning of the essay will enable them to look at the writing through your lenses and your vantage point. This ultimately leads them to view the written work through the prism of the writer’s intended meaning. This, in turn, helps them to effortlessly make a relation between the nitty-gritty of the essay and the bigger picture being painted.

Scrupulous writing is also important for readability because it gives the sentences enough space. These sentences are easy to read and comprehend. Scrupulously written paragraphs in an essay prevent distinct ideas from overlapping into each other thus distorting the meaning of the essay.

Additionally, breaks in paragraphs give the readers ample time to digest each point the writer makes.

Clear writing should never necessitate the reader to frequently check up a dictionary. The reader should effortlessly understand it. Another way of making the writing even better is for the author to ask themselves if the words used could be substituted with more straightforward words.

Simple words are the easiest to comprehend. Anecdotes, metaphorical phrases, similes and other figures of speech are important when the author uses them to make an idea that their audience comprehends well to aid them to understand another idea they don’t know. The decorative figures of speech, however, are only useful when used reservedly. Flooding the essay with a litany of the various figures of speech will end up confusing the readers instead of conveying the story to them clearly.

Scrupulousness, clarity and organizational structure are some of the most critical elements in any writing. Scrupulousness is the most important, because, without it, even the content of the paper is compromised dramatically. It doesn’t matter much what the subject of the essay is if not scrupulously written. One could come up with the most sought-after cure of a terminal illness, but without the qualities of scrupulousness, clarity, and organization in their paper, the content of the paper is of not much use. Scrupulousness is what makes essays decipherable, enjoyable and comprehensible

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