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Putin ‘cannot win Ukraine’ even if he ‘drops one of two nuclear bombs’ Russia ‘have already lost’ the war

26th Oct 22 9:25 am

Artis Pabriks, Latvia’s Defence Minister took a swipe at Vladimir Putin saying that Russia “have already lost” the war in Ukraine.

He said that even if Putin “drops one of two nuclear bombs” over Ukraine this will still not stop his inevitable defeat.

Speaking to Radio Free Europe in Riga, Latvia’s capital he said, “Even if Putin drops one of two nuclear bombs, or something happens to the nuclear plant in Zaporizhzhia, does he really think he can win Ukraine over with this?

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“He cannot win Ukraine over like this, that’s impossible.”

He added, “In other words if someone in Russia still has common sense – I still do not consider Russians to be out of their minds – they must understand that by dropping nuclear bombs they cannot win this war.

“They have already lost.

“Given that, there is no military point to do this because it will not improve Russia’s position, it will only make it worse.”

He continued, “The outcome of the war in Ukraine will have a big and serious impact on the interests of my country and my people.

“In other words, Ukraine must win.

“This is in our national interests, because to a certain degree, Ukrainians are fighting for our interests.

“You are fighting for Europe, for democracy, for freedom of human rights.”

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