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Programming interest is sky rocketing amid Covid 19

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10th Apr 21 4:47 pm

Programming interest is sky rocketing amid Covid-19. According to recent studies, nearly half of all adults have picked up a new skill since the start of the pandemic. Notably, coding is one of the most popular choices, as individuals look to improve their career prospects. Indeed, about one in 20 adults surveyed in Europe are took up coding or enrolled in software development training programs during 2020. As an individual looking to enter the software development landscape, you need to know which careers are in highest demand. This way, you can understand the best career options and secure a job for the long-term. Read on to learn about how programming interest is sky-rocketing amid Covid-19.

Front end web developers

First, front-end web developers are in high-demand as businesses build their online presence. Importantly, front-end web developers produce HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for a website. This allows users to see and interact with applications directly. In addition, front-end web developers should understand how to use different frameworks and libraries. For example, some JavaScript libraries have a collection of plugins to make development processes faster and easier. Often, you can use these tools to access ready-made project elements. Then, you can customise them as needed. Additionally, some employers require candidates to enter with knowledge of certain frameworks, such as ReactJS or AngularJS. If you are interested in front-end web development, make sure your programming training focuses on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks.

Quality assurance engineers

Next, quality assurance (QA) engineers are another high-demand programming career option. Notably, QA engineers are responsible for monitoring every phase of the software development process to ensure design quality and functionality. Often, quality assurance professionals utilise testing frameworks to write tests for their team’s programs. For example, you can utilise Google’s C++ testing framework called gtest when writing code for Linux, Windows, or Mac operating systems. Based on xUnit architecture, this library is independent and repeatable. Indeed, gtest isolates the test by running each of them on a different object. This allows you to run it for quick debugging. Absolutely, quality assurance engineers are in high demand as companies look to build high-performance applications.

Machine learning engineers

In addition, many enterprises are looking to hire machine learning engineers, as businesses look to take advantage of their data. Typically, you need an advanced degree in computer science, math, statistics, or a related discipline to secure this position. Additionally, many employers look for background using machine learning frameworks and working in an agile environment. Notably, Python is one of the most popular programming languages for machine learning. Therefore, it is crucial to highlight this on your resume when you apply for machine learning positions. Importantly, professionals often apply ML algorithms to customer insights, speech recognition, and financial predictions. Thus, start learning ML frameworks if you are interested in leveraging data in these technological sectors.

Cloud architects

Moreover, many companies are also looking to hire cloud architects. Importantly, these professionals oversee the business’ cloud computing strategy. Often, they are responsible for deploying, managing, and supporting cloud applications. Additionally, cloud architects usually have a strong understanding of network, coding, and security skills. Indeed, employers often require a strong background knowledge of TCP/IP, HTTP, and DNS. To get on the path for a career as a cloud architect, you should enroll in a computer science, software engineer, or related bachelor’s degree program. Some employers may require a master’s degree, especially for more advanced engineering roles. Certainly, cloud architect interest is growing as more companies migrate their resources. Therefore, becoming an architect is a great position leveraging the future of cloud computing.

Cybersecurity engineers

Furthermore, cybersecurity engineers are also in high-demand amid the pandemic. Notably, these professionals identify threats and vulnerabilities within systems and software. Typically, they are required to develop and implement high-tech solutions to defend against hacking, malware, ransomware, and other types of cybercrime. Often, employers are looking for individuals with proficiency in Python, C++, Java, and Ruby. In addition, it is crucial to understand IDS/IPS, penetration and vulnerability testing. Ideally, you should have background knowledge of firewall and intrusion detection/prevention protocols as well. Increasingly, employers are looking for a master’s degree in computer science, especially for senior roles. Undoubtedly, businesses need cybersecurity professionals as cyber attacks increase.

Programming interest is sky rocketing amid Covid-19, as individuals look to expand their career prospects. First, many individuals are learning front-end web development as companies look to build their online presence. Next, quality assurance engineers are also in high-demand as enterprises seek effective programs. In addition, many companies are hiring machine learning engineers to leverage data across different industries. Moreover, cloud architects are also in high-demand as businesses migrate their systems and resources. Furthermore, individuals are also looking to enter the cybersecurity landscape to prevent software attacks. Consider these points to learn about how programming interest is sky rocketing amid Covid-19.

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