Home Business News Pro-Kremlin Russian hosts laugh as they disscus Putin launching nuclear weapons on New York ‘gone with one rocket’

Pro-Kremlin Russian hosts laugh as they disscus Putin launching nuclear weapons on New York ‘gone with one rocket’

by LLB staff reporter
25th Apr 22 4:12 pm

Pro-Kremlin hosts start laughing “uncontrollably” as they said “Objects like the city of New York” would be “gone” if Vladimir Putin launched “nuclear weapons.”

One of the TV hosts said that New York would be “completely gone with one rocket” as fears grow of an escalation in Ukraine.

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A panellists suggested that a nuclear weapon could be used against “our so-called partners,” referring to the US, another said, “Partner is very important.”

He added, that “Objects like the city of New York, a good city, but it would be gone.”

Taking to Twitter, Daily Beast columnist Julia Davis said, “Meanwhile on Russian state TV: hosts and panellists giggling uncontrollably while discussing nuclear strikes against the continental territory of the United States.

“Can you imagine any of our prominent media anchors laughing at the idea of destroying cities?”

Ukraine World said, “After nuclear threats to Ukraine and the EU, Russia’s state-owned talk shows have moved on to discussing how their missiles could entirely destroy New York.

“Just wondering why is this not recognised tantamount to 9/11, and Russia to a terrorist state?”

Tanya Ollick said, “The propagandists on Russian TV continue to talk tough about how they will be harsh with NATO and how their new nuclear missiles can destroy New York.

“Nuclear or chemical attacks would show Russia is run by madmen and the gloves would have to come off.”

Dr Ronald Anderson said, “As I understand it Vladimir Putin has openly discussed using nuclear weapons to destroy New York City.

“That discussion alone should make him eligible for extermination.

“I am in favour of invading Russia and removing Putin.”

Michael R then added, “This is an unbelievably dangerous rhetorical method of normalizing the use of nuclear weapons.”

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