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Orban calls for a ‘buffer zone’ between Russia and Ukraine to avoid Kyiv ‘losing more territory’

13th Feb 24 5:43 am

The Hungarian leader Viktor Orban has called for a “buffer zone” between Russia and Ukraine and said that Kyiv should not be allowed to join NATO or the European Union.

Orban has been constantly against Ukraine joining the EU or even NATO and he has been critical of the alliance supporting Kyiv with military hardware to be used against Russian forces.

The Hungarian leader has also told Ukraine to make “security assurances” with Russia to prevent Kyiv from losing even more territory.

Orban said, “Ukraine’s location between Russia and the West is a given, Ideally, it would act as a neutral buffer with security assurances to avoid losing more territory to Russia, which will never allow Ukraine’s accession to the EU or NATO.”

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Orban added, “We Europeans are not strong enough for the Russians to take our interests seriously. It’s a balance of power.

“It’s war.

“We must demonstrate strength and clearly communicate to the Russians: we have our interests, they have theirs, based on which we can negotiate something.”

In January the US ambassador to Hungary, David Pressman told the Financial Times, “When you look at Hungary’s foreign policy, whether it be suggesting raising questions about Ukraine’s EU accession, stymying efforts to provide financial support to Ukraine, meeting with Vladimir Putin, resisting efforts to diversify off of Russian energy, resisting sustained efforts to close Kremlin platforms inside of Hungary, all of these have something in common.

“And it’s something that is leaving Hungary more isolated from its partners within NATO and its partners within the EU.”

Last month Slovakia became the latest country to tell Ukraine they 2must give up” parts of their territory to Russia to end the war.

Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico has told Ukraine that they “must give up” parts of their territory to Russia to end the war.

Fico told Slovak public broadcaster RTVS, “there must be some compromise.”

He blasted, “What are they waiting for, the Russians to leave Crimea, Donbas, and Luhansk? That’s unrealistic.”

Oleh Nikolenko the spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry said that there will be no compromise regarding the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Nikolenko said, “There can be no compromise on territorial integrity. Neither Ukraine, nor Slovakia, nor any other country.

“Ukraine and its partners are making efforts to remove Russians from Crimea, Donbas and Luhansk, so that they do not go further, in particular to Košice [and] Pryašiv [Prešov, both cities in eastern Slovakia] and other Slovak regions.”

The spokesperson added, “Let’s speak openly: without security in Ukraine, there will be no security in Slovakia or Europe as a whole. We must, together, approach the Ukrainian victory.”

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