Home Business News North Korea selling weapons will not ‘make a difference’ as Ukraine ‘has transformed modern warfare’

North Korea selling weapons will not ‘make a difference’ as Ukraine ‘has transformed modern warfare’

by Mark Channer War Correspondent
17th Sep 23 5:45 pm

A US General has said that he is “sceptical” North Korea selling weapons to Vladimir Putin will make a big difference.

The top US Army General Mark Milley who is on Norway for NATO meetings to discuss the war in Ukraine.

The series of meetings between Putin and Kim Jong Un over the past six days could lead to Moscow receiving Soviet-era 125mmm artillery rounds.

General Milley said it is not known how much ammunition Putin will get, adding, “Would it have a huge difference? I’m sceptical of that.”

He then added, “I doubt that it would be decisive.”

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Military analysts have made much speculation that Jong Un will be wanting advanced weaponry from Russia as payment for millions of tonnes of artillery shells.

Dutch NATO Military Committee chair, Admiral Rob Bauer said on Saturday that Ukraine has “transformed modern warfare” and that Russia are losing more ground.

Bauer said, “History will show Ukraine has transformed modern warfare and they are moving forward every day. Every success is one step closer to victory.”

He added that Russian forces “keep losing more and more ground, and the whole of Russia is suffering under the impact of economic sanctions and diplomatic isolation.”

North Korea can “easily share” millions and “millions of munitions” to Putin for his war in Ukraine, a Russian commentator has said.

The commentator said on Russia-1 that North Korea’s munitions will be “very useful” for Putin’s so called “special military operation (SMO),” as they have so much 152mm rounds “shot with a high explosive fragmentation projectile.”

The commentator said on state TV, “Kim Jong-un, we have to be blunt, has millions and millions of such munitions. And he can easily share his stockpile with us, as it is said.

“This ammunition will be very useful in the course of the special military operation (SMO).”

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