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New Zealand gaming platforms start introducing facial recognition technologies

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5th Nov 18 2:49 am

The rapid technology advancement is significantly impacting the online gaming and gambling industry. This sector has continually upgraded and always on the cutting edge of technology enhancing games portfolio, services, and even gambler’s behaviour. Incorporating modernizations regularly, the operator provides the enthusiasts with an ultimate gaming experience. Thanks to certain innovations, casinos turn out to be better than ever. Among the latest tech advances in the betting is the facial recognition which is being trailed in some gaming venues in New Zealand. This country is the first to unveil this technology in hope to ameliorate the gambling’s future. Both land-based and internet casinos have the same goal to offer strict protection and security to their customers. Introducing this outstanding advancement will improve the security of the players and the operators in hope for a better future for the gambling industry.

How does the facial recognition technology work?

Facial recognition is a technology to identify an individual’s face by using the biometric software. It maps the human’s facial features and compares the result with the stored databases of faces to a match. There are, actually, 78 points on the human face that must be scanned. The mathematical algorithms have to follow four stages of images processing including capture, extraction, comparison, and matching. The aim of this new innovation is to offer high-level protection to their customers. The brick and mortar casino is a sensible place with the risk of scams and frauds. The paramount enhancements achieved buy this sector is to detect wrong gamblers. Today, the facial recognition system is becoming more pervasive to some modern casinos as a kind of art surveillance.

Nonetheless, it is not only the B&M casinos that are beginning to introduce this technology. The online casinos which are considered to be a safe place of betting entertainment are also often the target of the cheaters. Those fraudsters may use numerous identities in order to get more benefits in a gambling site like the bonuses, promotions, and other kinds of rewards. Like any other diverting forms, the advance of the internet has increased any types of defrauding. Although the best online casino offers strict protection and security to their players, they can’t prevent possible cheatings due to the development of the technology. How does this system work in the gambling site? The operator uses smart devices and Apps with innovative procedures to record the customer live through webcam or other video devices. Many online casinos are already looking into this new innovation to ensure the highest level of protection to the gamblers.

Facial recognition technology trailed at some New Zealand casinos

Apart from protecting the players’ security, facial recognition was tested at some gaming venues in New Zealand to protect the customers who are suffered by the gambling problems. Despite the fact that New Zealand has the lower problem gambling rate, this country always finds a better solution to prevent possible gambling issues. This system is inserted in fifteen gaming venues in the goal to avoid the problems related to the popular casino game “slot machines”. The customers entering the casino rooms must be scanned one by one. If there is a match, the security personnel will be alerted and control the situation by asking the wrong players to leave or check their ID, or else. Indeed, those cheaters will be on the banned list.

There are many ways that you can keep entertained in New Zealand and among them is the gambling site. The online NZ casino ensures their customers’ interests by offering attractive games, secure payment mechanisms, numerous bonuses package, and high-quality service. The main advantages of testing this new innovation in the NZ gambling industry is the improvement of the security level. No more fraud will, therefore, occur in the casino allowing the enthusiasts to get fun safely. Although this technology costs highly expensive, it will be a great hope to the secure future gambling.

Considering using the facial recognition software in the world of gambling seems to be the future of casino security. New Zealand betting stakeholders always find solutions to prevent gaming problem by expanding the use of many technologies. The gambling industry has rapidly adapted to the advancement of the technologies and among them is facial recognition, a proof to the better future of this sector. This innovation is not only used to protect the gaming operators but also tested specifically to safeguard people who are afflicted with gambling problems. NZ betting firm is the first to unveil this technology but today there are other casinos using this system. To put in a nutshell, the future of the online gambling will be hopeful thanks to various innovations that improve this sector. The arrival of those new technologies will increase the development of this industry, a progress which will likely relate to a great profit for all.


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