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New ‘Tesla tax’ goes against government push to encourage more people to swap to electric vehicles

by LLB staff reporter
17th Nov 22 2:36 pm

The Autumn Statement’s inclusion of a new “Tesla tax” is in contradiction to the Government’s stated plans to continue its campaign for UK drivers to switch to electric vehicles (EVS).

According to the UK’s premier used car buying service, ChooseMyCar.com, the Autumn Statement includes a decision to no longer exempt EVs from the £335 “premium supplement” on new cars.

That means that any person buying an EV worth £40,000 or more could have to pay a whopping £520 for road tax, despite being the greenest option.

Recent research, commissioned by ChooseMyCar.com, suggested that many UK drivers were keen to swap to EVs, due to the high cost of fuel. The study results showed that a huge amount – 42 percent – now planned to purchase an electric vehicle as their next car, despite the higher purchase costs and less availability of second hand EVs.

Age of driver also affected the results, with a sharp increase in plans for an EV in the younger demographic. UK drivers in the 18-34 year old age group felt most strongly about buying an EV, with a staggering 66 percent saying they would definitely make their next vehicle electric, while in the 35-54 year age group, 49 percent stated that an EV was their next car purchase. In the other 55 age group, only 20 percent said they would be purchasing an EV.

Founder of ChooseMyCar.com Nick Zapolski, said that the new “Tesla Tax” could put many people off buying an EV, and that it would spark concerns that the benefits of EV ownership will be eroded over time.

“While our research suggests people are interested in EV ownership, it’s undeniable that the high purchase price of new EVs – and the lack of second hand ones on the market – mean it’s out of reach for many drivers. Any new tax on them will just exacerbate this situation – and could be seen as an indication that other benefits of EV ownership are under threat.

“This new “Tesla tax” means that some people will now be paying more for their road tax than someone in an old banger, which is not in line with the Government’s green credentials.

“While we appreciate that the higher amount of EV drivers means a drop in road tax, this seems a huge step up and is a concerning sign as to what may lay ahead.”

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