Nearly nine in 10 businesses want to extend Article 50


Ahead of this evening’s vote in Westminster on whether to extend Article 50, a CBI survey says that nearly nine in 10 firms want it to pass if the alternative was to leave the EU with no deal.

The survey of 273 firms was across the services, manufacturing, and distribution sectors and found that:

  • 88% want an extension
  • 8% don’t want an extension
  • The remainder of respondents answered, ‘don’t know’.

Josh Hardie, CBI deputy director general said, “An overwhelming majority of businesses want an extension to Article 50 which should come with a plan to break the deadlock and be as short as needed to deliver a deal.

“No deal is damaging the UK now, so any extra time must be used urgently by MPs to commit to a solution that protects livelihoods and communities across the country. This demands a new approach from politicians across the House.

“No-one wants this to drag on but faced with the choice of a harsh no deal, businesses will back an extension every day of the week.”