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Most popular puzzle games you should try

by John Saunders
16th Nov 20 3:54 pm

If you have played a puzzle game, you recognize that completing one provides satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. That drives you into wanting to know more and even wish to solve more challenging puzzles.

The thrill that comes with playing puzzles is unimaginable and cannot be compared to anything else. Examples include crosswords, scrabble word finder and word searches.

If you are planning a game night or only an individualistic gaming experience, here are some of the most popular puzzle games you should consider;-

Jig-Saw puzzle

It has a set of mechanically linked pieces. The small pieces usually have a portion of a larger image. Therefore, your task is to organize the small pieces logically to come up with the correct image. Once the pieces have been placed correctly, you will have a complete picture. Jigsaw puzzles happen to the most common mechanical puzzle variant. Nowadays, you can get jigsaw puzzle games available in the gaming app version so that you can take your jigsaws everywhere you go.

Word puzzle games

This puzzle contains a grid of squares with words crossing horizontally and vertically and requires knowledge of a language. The goal is to fill the blank puzzle cells using the clues provided.

Not only are they entertaining, but they also help in improving your vocabulary. Anyone can attempt this puzzle game. In reality, most teachers use this to assist students in their learning. Luckily, there is a wide variety of themes to choose from, including animals, food, and drinks countries, among others.

Word puzzles help relieve stress, elevate mood, and improve your concentration. Examples include crosswords and word searches.


Here is a perfect example of a logic puzzle. Its goal is to complete a number’s grid following specific rules. Every row and column will have the digits one to nine, as does every 9×9 sub-grid within the larger 9×9 grid. Some of the cells come already filled with numbers. These act as clues to help you determine where to place other numbers.

Rubik’s Cube

A Rubik’s Cube takes up a cube-like design with rotatable sides. Its six sides are painted in different colors. The objective is to rotate the sides until similar colors come to a common side. Try solving the Rubik’s within the shortest time possible.


Bejeweled is an online puzzle game where the player tries to group matching jewels. A timer is set to encourage the player to work as fast as possible. Though it may seem easy, the challenge lies in swapping the two jewels to their correct positions. Once the gems are matched correctly, they disappear and are replaced with a new set.

Picture puzzles

Happen to be the most popular puzzle among children. Your child’s role is to join the dots following the specified pattern. Upon completion, the intended image comes to life. Picture puzzles can also involve spotting the differences between two images set side by side. One is expected to observe and take note of the differences.


Puzzle games are an excellent source of entertainment as well as for learning purposes. The above examples are but a few, as puzzle games are extensive. The examples given above should give you an insight into what to expect when selecting a puzzle game.

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