Home Business News US warned they could be ‘destroyed’ in ‘one hour’ by Russia in a nuclear attack

US warned they could be ‘destroyed’ in ‘one hour’ by Russia in a nuclear attack

by LLB political Reporter
6th Feb 24 5:49 am

A Kremlin insider has claimed that Russia could destroy the US “in one hour” in yet another nuclear threat.

This comes amid fears raised by NATO officials that Vladimir Putin could be preparing for a first strike in Europe threatening World War Three.

Prominent Kremlin inside Margarita Simonyan said that Russia is “the only country in the world that can destroy the United States in one hour.”

For more than a year Russian state TV has repeatedly been calling for a nuclear confrontation between Moscow and Washington as well as officials and military commanders.

Since Putin’s invasion of Ukraine tensions between NATO and the US have been more strained since the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 and the West could be on the verge of World War Three.

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NATO military leaders are warning nuclear strikes could take place on civilian and military infrastructure inside European countries.

Officials in Berlin have said that Germany will become a “turntable” for supply lines for NATO forces to provide munitions for potential targets.

Lieutenant General Alexander Sollfrank, commander of NATO’s military logistics told The Times, “If we compare war and operations ten years ago or five years ago, then we realise that we have to accept that also the rear areas will be severely contested.

He insisted that Western leaders must cut the bureaucratic “red tape” to deliver kinetic and non-kinetic forces, such as cyber, electronic warfare along with other means of attack methods.

Sollfrank said that there has to be a reduction of bureaucracy of rules that prevents troops from using parachutes from another country even though the functionality is identical.

He insisted it is crucial for NATO forces to be allowed to use other kit and equipment that will allow troops to be more agile to fight against Russia.

The Lieutenant General said, “I think we can … get this started and reduce or adapt the red tape or wherever it might be possible and necessary.”

He added, “Everyone can start. Just do it. And don’t wait. Because in the end, we have no time to waste.”

A doctoral research fellow at the Oslo Nuclear Project has warned that NATO are “closer to war” with Russia than most realise.

Fabian Hoffman warned that in his opinion the West “at best” two or three years to ensure there is a viable deterrence in place against Russia.

Writing on X Hoffman said, “We are much closer to war with Russia than most people realise.”

He added, “Rather than comprehensively defeating NATO in a prolonged ground war, similar to what we see in Ukraine, Russian doctrine suggests that Russia would attempt to coerce NATO into submission by signalling the ability to inflict progressively greater amounts of damage.

Hoffman said that this would “entail, in particular long-range strikes against critical civilian infrastructure across European NATO countries early on.

“The message to NATO governments: Don’t come to the support of your Eastern European allies, unless you want to see your population suffer.”

He then warned that “simultaneously, Russia” would then “extend” their “nuclear umbrella over any NATO territory” that they would be able to capture in their “initial assault.”

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