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Millennial trends: Why using CBD flowers is on the rise

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18th May 20 1:30 pm

When talking about innovative trends that are making headlines, you just cannot leave Millenials out of the picture. Enter the period of using CBD flower. The rising popularity of the legal cannabis and CBD industries can only be attributed to an increasing amount of millennials that are indulging in this unique smoking experience. If it weren’t for this demographic, these businesses would never exist on current levels, but before we analyze this market trend, let’s understand the recent surge.

The analytics of CBD flowers

A new market research report, authored by Markets and Markets, has stated that the hemp industry will witness a whopping 34% growth in the upcoming years. Given the recent legalization of this hemp within the smoker’s market, this compounding growth rate is not short of outrageous.

Within the hemp industry, the growth of individual products is asymmetric, where some types take precedence over the other. The fastest-growing sector of this industry is smokable lab-certified CBD buds, that offer their connoisseurs a host of benefits, ranging from zero to a minimal THC concentration and a pleasurable smoking indulgence. These products have been increasing in popularity in parts of the U.S, Europe, and the UK. But a question still needs to be asked, why is there such outreaching popularity for CBD hemp products?

Explaining the blazing popularity Of CBD flowers

There are multiple facets that describe the surge in prominence of the CBD industry. Firstly, the idea behind smoking CBD products is very palatable- they relax their users, but at the same time do not have any psychoactive effects, unlike what you can expect from THC driven products like Marijuana. So smokers chilling out after a hard day’s work do not feel baked when they consume CBD and can unwind comfortably, while still having their wits about them.

Hemp flowers are also legal which is a great selling point. We generally do not prefer to consume products that can get us into legal trouble, it’s not only bad for our social profile but it’s also frowned upon in society. The minute amount of THC levels present in lab-certified CBD buds complies with almost all regulatory guidelines. Don’t count on passing a drug test though as chances are you can still fail a drug test if you have recently smoked CBD flower due to the tiny amounts of THC that exist.

Unique health benefits offered by CBD

The medical world has made startling claims regarding the benefits posited by CBD products. For most consumers, smoking hemp has a calming effect, which is both soothing and therapeutic, so it gives users the opportunity to relax if they are engaged in grueling life conditions.

CBD buds are also being used as an alternative to tobacco smoking- helping nicotine addicts cope with extreme cases of withdrawal. The relaxing effects can temporarily delay the onset of withdrawal, making it easier to say goodbye to the fatal smoking habit. Though these products are never intended to cure or prevent a disease, the added health benefits are still pretty decent.

Conclusive words

It seems as if millennials are heading towards the right trends- better than their boomer counterparts. The legal situation in most parts of the world regarding CBD hemp products is relaxed because they do not pose sense-altering risks such as those associated with marijuana. It would not be crazy to say that this industry can grow to prominent heights within no time, given the fact that millennial trends spread like wildfire these days.

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