Many British homes left without water as snow thaw bursts pipes


Aftermath of ‘Beast from the East’ and Storm Emma

Thousands of British households are left suffering from water supply problems after pipes burst when snow thawed and normal weather conditions returned to the country.

The recent snowstorms in the UK, which ground planes, stopped trains, blocked roads and shut schools, also resulted in frozen pipes.

Thames Water has said that it has fixed a key water pipe which had caused some customers in South London to suffer low water pressure, or no water at all. It expects the water supply to return to normal in the next few hours.

Thames Water has also advised its 15m customers to only use water where essential.

“Where possible, take short showers rather than baths, do not leave taps running unnecessarily and only run washing machines and dish washers when you have a full load,” the company stated on its website.

While Severn Trent water says it is also returning water pressure to normal this morning, Welsh water customers are suffering similar problems.