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Majestic Bears by Peter Dennelis : A unique NFT project

by John Saunders
23rd Feb 22 12:07 pm

Peter Dennelis has never been what one could consider a “traditional” artist. He has always delved beyond the norm to create mixed medium art and bring to life images that develop through his passion for art.

Graduating from the prestige Massachusetts school of art was only the beginning for Peter. He had his sights set on a future that could not be bound by time or space.

Peter’s Moroccan-Dutch heritage has prepared him to combine his culturally diverse legacy and create a fusion of emotion, character, and history in each work of art he produces. His art is an expression of his intrinsic being, and his ability to translate this feeling into art makes each creation a different and personal piece.

Peter said “I’ve been hearing about NFT for several months now, on the networks, on TV, on YouTube, I’ve been hearing the word NFT everywhere but without really knowing what it was.  Every week we see a new big star who buys a Bored ape and changes his profile picture. So, I was always intrigued by NFT, but it was still something vague for me.”

Everything changed for me, said Peter, “A few months ago I went back to Miami to attend the art Basel, which is a contemporary art exhibition that is held every year and I met Julien who is the co-founder of Majestic Bears. He has been in the NFT space since the beginning and taught about this world which was very new. I immediately fell in love with his personality, he was looking for an artist for his collection and so little by little we thought we could launch a project together”.

The owner and the NFT persona essentially become one. In the Metaverse users can move in virtual worlds. Worlds without boundaries. Worlds created by the users according to their own imagination. Having your own NFT will release you from your physical boundaries and in the universe of your creation you can become your NFT.

Dennelis’ diverse career prepared him for the exciting world of Crypto art, an art form that is unprecedented and has infinite possibilities. He has worked in television, film, and graphic novels but states unequivocally that the world of 3D digital design is where he belongs.

In an interview, Peter said “NFT is a parallel form of art that has no boundaries. Yes, I create the unique piece of art, yet it is not static, it takes on a life of its own. It lives in the universe of the owner who can use it in the Metaverse and on other digital platforms, changing its persona as it crosses barriers of space and time”.

Peter has worked with the leaders in the industry Universal Studios, Warner Bros and The Walt Disney Company. In 2018 he was involved in the dynamic process of seeing the creatures designed for Jurassic World – Fallen Kingdom come to life.

His experience includes working with Andy Nicholson, award winner of the Art Directors Guild, on Jurassic World. He has also worked with famed Kate Hawley, costume designer for Suicide Squad, and Production Designer Adam Stockhausen on the Spielberg film “Ready Player One” amongst others.

Conquering the Metaverse

As trendsetters and leaders in the NFT community we realized the need for a collection of NFTs and set out to conceptualize what was needed. After introducing the Majestic Bears artwork to our niche market, we were overwhelmed by the excitement. The hype created with our initial concept was unstoppable and our Discord was flooded.

We created Majestic Bears. Majestic Bears is a collection of 8888 exclusive collectable bears that are unique in character and design, right through to the tiny facial features. Our design team with Peter Dennelis as a specialist started the process.

Majestic Bears will be equipped for full use in the Metaverse and the limited pieces each with a unique centerpiece will be available for the public mint, giving all members the opportunity to own their own Majestic Bear.

The quality and capabilities of our 3D design will give you the ability to use your NFT the way you envision, whether in the Metaverse or in games. As the owner of a unique piece of crypto art you will be able to apply your persona to your Majestic Bear, keeping your identity in the virtual world across all platforms.

The Reveal

We will be releasing legendary bears 1/1 NFTs and everyone in our community may stand a chance to have their own Majestic Bear. As a team that is invested in the creation and future of NFTs, we have decided to randomly assign a bear to our Discord members.

New members should join the community to experience the thrill of receiving a limited-edition Majestic Bear. Weeks after the first big reveal a high floor price can be expected due to the hype created around the project, and if your goal is the same as ours, conquering the NFT Metaverse, then get on board.

Majestic Bears will be ahead of Universal Studios, Warner Bros, and The Walt Disney Company, once again setting the trend and keeping our community in the lead.

Socially responsible Majestic Bears

Collectors and artists in the Metaverse have a unique perspective on the world. With this in mind, we have decided to donate $50 000 to a charity that focusses on protecting and improving the living conditions of the Polar bears in the islands of the Canadian Artic

Growing the Majestic family

Once word spread in the digital community that we will be releasing 8888 Majestic Bears into the Metaverse our Discord was flooded with requests from supporters asking us to design animals and creatures that they love.

Peter and the incredible team that includes our directors decided that we cannot let our community down. With this in mind, we decided to design and develop additional NFTs to be used in the Metaverse and for gaming. Majestic Bears will be the first reveal, but the family will grow to incorporate Majestic Animals and Majestic Creatures that will each benefit the original Majestic Bears and their holders.

Authenticity and provenance

The Blockchain system establishes a digital pattern of ownership, a provenance that leaves no space for counterfeits such as a fake van Gogh “Irises” or one of the 100s of Monet’s “Water Liles”. This guarantees the authenticity of the NFT and is verifiable should the owner wish to sell his NFT.

Hootsuite, the digital global leader in social media management has released their global findings on social media platforms for 2022. Findings show that there are over 4.6 billion social media users currently with an exponential increase of over 10% annually. This translates into digital art becoming more accessible than ever before. Art in its former mediums such as paintings, sculptures and photographs was only available to elite buyers.

The advent of NFT has changed the global art landscape. Buying digital art is now an attainable goal that gives users infinite creative scope over personal use of their owned NFT in the Metaverse and on digital platforms.

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