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M4 at a standstill with rolling roadblocks as fuel protestor rage over extortionate prices

by LLB Reporter
4th Jul 22 10:59 am

Protestors are targetting motorways in a demonstration over soaring fuel prices and parts of the M4 are at a standstill with rolling roadblocks.

Stretches between Bristol and South Wales including the Prince of Wales Bridge demanding a cut in fuel duty.

Vicky Stamper, 41,who is a former HGV driver, from Cwmbran, said she and her partner Darren lost their job in Bristol because they could not afford to buy fuel any longer.

She said, “We had to leave those jobs because it was costing us £380 a week just to get to and from work.

“I then lost a job two weeks ago because the company couldn’t afford to put fuel in that many lorries so last in, first out.”

Stamper added, “We’re doing this for us and for them. If they want to have a moan, they should join us instead,” and when asked what should Boris Johnson do, she said, “Resign.”

Mobile welder Richard Dite, 44, from Maesteg, South Wales, said fuel is costing him hundreds of pounds to get to work every week.

“It’s costing me £300 a week before I even get to work and earn anything,” Dite told the PA news agency.

“My only option soon will be to put the welding gear in the shed and call it a day, maybe go on the dole.

“Face it, at this rate I’ll be on more that way.”

A Government spokesperson said, “While we respect the right to protest, people’s day-to-day lives should not be disrupted, especially on busy motorways where lives are put at risk and resulting traffic delays will only add to fuel use.

“The new Public Order Bill will make it a criminal offence to glue yourself to a dangerous motorway, which sees police spending hours trying to safely remove people.”

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