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Lattes vs Lager: Are coffee shops becoming more popular?

31st Jan 17 1:36 pm

Where do you like to go to socialise?

There are currently around 53,000 pubs in the UK! The British love a good drink in their local pub but a new study found by commercial coffee machine supplier Bibium suggests that hanging out at your local maybe taking on a different meaning altogether.

Cities such as Cardiff and London are full to the brim with coffee establishments, almost half are coffee shops rather than the more traditional pub.

Honest Coffees researched data from the 20 most populated cities in the UK to find out which ones were more coffee-friendly and which were more pub orientated.

Cardiff came out on top with the highest ratio of coffee shops to pubs, 46 per cent of its drinking establishments are coffee shops. London and Belfast followed close behind.

Cities which showed a high pub culture include Sunderland where 80 per cent of all drinking establishments are pubs.

The way we drink our coffee has changed, people would much rather go and drink coffee away from the home as it can be a more sociable experience.

Honest Coffees founder Wyatt Cavalier said: “Pubs by their very name are public meeting places and have always been a great venue to meet in a social setting. The coffee shop offers a new place for socialising that fills a hole in British society. Coffee shops tend to be more female-orientated, family-friendly and are open all day. And while alcohol is classified as a downer, coffee is an upper, which is why it makes sense that the growth of coffee culture also perpetuates a healthier, more active society.”

Click here to take a look at the Bibium webpage.

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