Home Business News Kyiv could be attacked as soon as tonight with ‘missile attacks to weaken defenses and intimidate defenders’

Kyiv could be attacked as soon as tonight with ‘missile attacks to weaken defenses and intimidate defenders’

by LLB political Reporter
8th Mar 22 2:19 pm

Analysis from a leading US military think tank has suggested Russian forces are preparing for an assault on Kyiv which could happen tonight.

The US Institute for the Study of War said that Russian forces are concentrating in the eastern, northwestern, and western outskirts of Kyiv

The assessment suggested the assault would take place “in the coming 24-96 hours” which will see “missile attacks to weaken defenses.”

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“The Russians are bringing up supplies and reinforcements as well as conducting artillery, air, and missile attacks to weaken defenses and intimidate defenders in advance of such an assault,” they say.

The analysis indicates that this could signal a pivotal moment of Vladimir Putin’s invasion in Ukraine.

They have also said there is a lack of certainty around whether or not any attempt by Russian forces to take control of Kyiv will be successful.

“It is too soon to gauge the likely effectiveness of any Russian attempt to complete the encirclement of Kyiv or to seize the city at this time,” the analysis says.

“If Russian troops have been able to resupply, reorganise, and plan deliberate and coordinated simultaneous operations along the several axes of advance around and into the capital, they may be more successful in this operation than they have in previous undertakings.”

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