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Kremlin are ‘extremely concerned’ over downed Ukrainian missile and Belarus say it was ‘unlikely’ an ‘accident’

by LLB political Reporter
30th Dec 22 1:22 pm

On Thursday morning a Ukrainian S-300 missile landed in Belarus after being shot down over Brest and Minsk are saying it was “unlikely” that the Ukrainian air defence missile entered their airspace by accident.

The Kremlin have said that they are “extremely concerned” that the Ukrainian air defence missile was apparently shot down over Brest, Belarus.

The Ukrainian air defence missile was fired in defence as more than 120 missiles were launched by Russia on Thursday morning.

A Belarusian official has said on Friday that it is “unlikely” that a Ukrainian air defence missile entered Belarus’s airspace by accident.

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The Belarusian official added that most likely there was some “intention” behind the missile’s launch, Russian state owned news agency RIA reported.

Anatoly Glaz from the foreign ministry in Belarus said, “We have demanded that Ukraine carry out a thorough investigation in to all the circumstances of the missile launch, bring those responsible to justice and take comprehensive measures to prevent the recurrence of such incidents in the future.

“Which could lead to catastrophic consequences for everyone.”

A Ukrainian spokesman for the military said the missile was a stray and the incident was “nothing strange, a result of air defence,” which “has happened more than once.”

Following an investigation the Belarusian defence ministry said parts of the missile were “found in an agricultural field.”

The statement added, “During the verification process, it was established that the wreckage belongs to an S-300 anti-aircraft guided missile fired from the territory of Ukraine.”

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