Home Business News Belarusian army could ‘fall apart’ as hundreds commit mutiny and back Ukraine to fight against Putin and Lukashenko

Belarusian army could ‘fall apart’ as hundreds commit mutiny and back Ukraine to fight against Putin and Lukashenko

29th Dec 22 10:43 am

Hundreds of Belarusian soldiers are committing mutiny as they are taking up arms with Ukraine to fight against Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin.

Belarusian soldiers have formed a rebel regiment to fight against Putin and the President of Belarus, Lukashenko.

Speaking to VOA News, a rebel fighter said, “Belarusian’s who think Ukraine is suffering, they come here and take up arms.

“They by action show that Ukraine needs help here and now.

“The guys who join our regiment believe that Ukraine should be freed from Putin’s aggression and that Belarus should be freed from Putin and Lukashenko’s aggression.

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“So I believe this is the base of the new Belarusian Army.”

Hanna Liubakova, a Belarus expert and nonresident fellow with the Atlantic Council has warned that by soldiers committing mutiny this may create instability for President Lukashenko following a series of mass protests over the years.

She said, “Losing troops will build discontent in the country. We know through surveys that there is a large section of society against deployment of troops to Ukraine.

“It is hard politically to justify it.

“The Belarus army consists of conscripts, young men who are not in high positions. They’re not motivated to fight.

“If their bodies come back to Belarus, it could start protests. It is hard to gauge how big they would be, but it would be a destabilizing factor for Lukashenko.”

Foreign Policy reported that a Belarusian commander had also warned that “eight out of ten” who serve in the military have no interest in fighting in Ukraine for Putin.

Vadzim Kabanchuk, deputy commander of the Kastus Kalinouski Regiment, a regiment of Belarusian volunteers under the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said, “Eight out of 10 people in the military do not want to fight in this war.

“If they enter Ukraine, the military will fall apart.

“They will surrender—either by going to prison, or they will defect to our side. Lukashenko knows this, so he is trying to avoid it.

“That said, I think that the conflict will be escalated further outside of his control, including full mobilization and the involvement of Belarus’s military.”

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