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Jon Sharpe on the most exciting interior design trends for 2020

30th Mar 20 7:00 am

LuxDeco’s chief creative officer Jon Sharpe on the emerging interior design trends for 2020.

Part way through 2020 and I’m solidifying my favourite interior design trends for the year. There are some truly beautiful shifts in colour, materials, luxury furniture and general style trends that are worth considering when revamping your interior.

Trade shows like Paris’ major home décor event Maison & Objet are showcasing a pleasingly eclectic mix of old, contemporary and futuristic style.

Here are my top interior design trends for 2020 so far…

1. Natural materials for a calming feel

Plenty of unfinished woods, expertly underdone textiles and purist joinery combine to make this laid-back, subtly complex trend ultra-pleasing. Brands like Tine K Home have this nailed, with their burlap rugs and perfect bamboo chairs.

2. ‘Post Postmodernism’

Check out luxury furniture maker Dooq for the very definition of this trend. The Portuguese brand creates a harmonious balance between opposites while firmly retaining functionality.

3. Playfully sophisticated furniture

Some of my stand-out furniture pieces include the overstuffed style of the Pukka collection by Yabu Pushelberg for Ligne Roset.  For this trend, bigger appears to be better, with sumptuous designs on offer.

4. Relaxed textiles for the living room and bedroom

This textile trend incorporates the easy elegance and subtle harmony of linen. Centre the space around an elegant sofa or seating area loosely draped with relaxed linen. By taking the trend through to the bedrooms, you can give a sense of connected elegance throughout your home. Choose lightweight linen throws to drape across the bed, or dive deep into the trend with 100% linen bedding.

5. Doubling up on coffee tables

There are few more important focal pieces for the living room than the coffee table. And designers are giving them a new lease of life. Go for a sculpted centre piece or opt for the bigger trend of doubling up. Some designers are going with two identical coffee tables laid side by side, others are going with matching pairs of differing sizes. As long as they are connected stylistically, this trend works.

6. Statement walls including raw textures, organic shapes

Design your walls rather than decorate them. Include organic shapes, rough-hewn urns, terracotta and you’ll be on-trend with the distinctly Stone Age-like trend. By choosing a theme and making your walls reflect its artistry, you can use self-expression to make your interiors truly your own, while incorporating up to the minute trends.

7. Tapestry for modern interior design

Tapestries have dropped in and out of favour over the centuries, and in 2020 they’re back in a big way. Wall tapestry is becoming more and more popular both as a form of art and décor for modern contemporary homes. Cutting edge designers like Heather Hilliard show a thoroughly modern take on this ancient way of covering walls.

8. Colour trends for every taste

There are a few separate trends that all work well. From pastels to differing hues of red, 2020 is the year of colour. Designers are using everything from oxblood and deep wine to rusty orange and even bright cerise hues.

Others, like Ralph Lauren and L’Object are homing in on subdued, classic monochrome. Tonally balanced colour couplings are also de rigueur for 2020. You’re looking for a harmonious balance of dark and light, with a subtle inflection of contrast.

9. Quiet, subdued and ‘underdone’ interiors

Underdone interior design can equally be called ‘quiet design’. It’s about creating a space using simplified shapes and traditional materials. Use fewer, quality items and ensure they’re all quietly beautiful. Give them all space to breathe and avoid clashing competition between your pieces. The result will be a living space imbued with quiet gravitas, and the ideal antidote to the frenetic pace of life in the 21st century.

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