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Israeli ambassador claims ‘the humanitarian crisis at the moment is in Israel’ not in Gaza

by LLB political Reporter
16th Oct 23 12:04 pm

The Israeli ambassador to the UK Tzipi Hotovely has suggested on Monday that there is no humanitarian crisis unfolding in the Gaza Strip.

Hotovely said that Hamas are “Nazis” for executing children and raping young women in front of their parents.

Speaking on Sky News, Hotovely was asked by Kay Burley what is her thoughts on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, she replied, “There is no humanitarian crisis.

“Israel is in charge of the safety of Israelis, Hamas is in charge of the safety of the Palestinians.

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“This is the time that Hamas need to pay the price.”

She said that Hamas are preventing the Palestinians from leaving Gaza after being provided with a safe corridor by Israel to flee.

She added, “People [in Israel] weren’t given opportunity to be safe… they were slaughtered in their beds.

“Those atrocities are the type that no Western leader can stand and say ‘we can just carry on’.”

Burley said that images are showing that Gazans have no food, not water and that supplies have either run out or are running out.

Hotovely replied, “Can I ask you something – are you a mother? What would you think if your children had been executed in front of your eyes?

“Would you expect your government to think about those Nazis committing those crimes and then say ‘first of all we need to protect the enemy, and then we need to protect your children’?”

“What is happening is there is a war in Gaza that Hamas started by committing a horrible massacre,” she said.

“When America started this fight against ISIS together with coalition forces, over 100,000 civilians got caught in the crossfire. Israel is trying to prevent that.”

Burley said, “I’m asking you about the innocent civilians losing their lives at the moment, and now you’re saying it’s not a humanitarian crisis – how can you say that?”

Hotovely replied, “The humanitarian crisis at the moment is in Israel.”

Burley asked, “Are you saying they’re subhuman?”

“No, actually they made the Jews subhuman, they treated them as subhuman.

“When you are taking babies, cutting them and tying them together and burning them, you’re treating them less than human. Just the Nazis treated Jews like that.”

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