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How to take care of your fresh-cut flowers

by Sarah Dunsby
30th May 24 3:07 pm

As a passionate florist, we are always delivering bright and fresh-cut flowers to our valuable customers that stay fresh for a long with a minimum expense of your efforts. Visit our site https://www.flowershops.co.uk/, where we source our flowers from fine gardeners and only make the finest flowers a part of each bouquet that we deliver.

If you are an admirer of floral gifts and want them to stay fresh longer to gain maximum enjoyment, you need to make a little effort to acquire them. Are you confused about how to do it? Don’t worry!!! We have got your back. In this blog, there is a step-wise guide to take care of your fresh-cut flowers.

Steps to take care of your fresh flowers

Here are the five steps that will keep your flowers fresh for a longer time. Follow them and enjoy the captive sight and fragrance of your beautiful flowers.

1. Prepare your vase

One major threat to the fresh flower is a bacterial attack as the cut surfaces of the flowers are the entry points of such microbes causing the decaying of flowers. An indication of bacterial infection in plants is the loss in the uptake of water due to the blocked xylem tissues that are the water transport system of the plants.

Keeping a bacteria-free flower vase is impossible as they are present everywhere. However, you can minimize the risk by ensuring the cleanliness of the thing in which the cut surfaces are dipped, the Vase. Wash it with any antibacterial detergent and let it air dry.

2. Add fresh water

The next step is to add the fresh water to the vase. Prefer lukewarm water as its plant intake is better with warm water than the cold one. Moreover, the quality of water is another considerable factor in ensuring fresh flowers as certain elements or minerals in water can play havoc to different kinds of flowers.

For instance, soft water contains large quantities of sodium that can damage the roses whereas minerals in hard water are toxic to various flower species and impact negatively by clogging their vascular bundles.

3. Add flower food

When flowers are attached to the plants, they get their nutrition source from the same soil as the plant does. Once detached, they need to be provided with artificial flower food developed specifically for this purpose. Flower food provides the essential nutrients to the flowers for their survival in the artificial environment.

Many people go for home recipes to make their flower food; however, this is something you need to leave to the professionals as they have developed a balanced food for flowers containing sucrose, acidifiers, antibacterials, and detoxifiers. Add the recommended quantity to the water and enjoy your blooming heaven.

4. Cut stems and remove foliage

The third step is to slant cut at least one inch of the stem from each flower. However, while cutting you need to ensure using a sharp blade of the knife to get sharp edges for better cut vascular bundles. Otherwise, using scissors can result in blunt-end vascular bundles with limited water uptake efficiency.

For the next move, remove the foliage. The leaves that are dipped in water rot easily and are the source of nutrients for bacteria and fungi favoring them to grow. Gently remove the leaves that are attached to the stem portion immersed in the water.

5. Daily care routine

Flower care is not a one-time job. Once you have set up according to these guidelines, you will need to repeat them after a certain recommended period for roses, repeat the steps every alternate day. However, if the water level drops early or you notice any turbidity, it is time to repeat.

On any of these indications, remove the old water, clean the vase again, and replenish the water again with nutrients by adding flower food. If you repeat them when required, your flowers are going to last longer in your home.

Dos and don’ts of fresh-cut flower care


  • Air-dry the Flower vase.
  • Use quality water to dip the flowers.
  • Cut the stems before putting them into the water.
  • Remove foliage that is below the waterline
  • Top up or change the water regularly
  • Remove any dead or decaying flowers from fresh ones.


  • Never use a paper towel to dry the vase as it is the source of contamination
  • Never try internet-taught alternatives of flower food like aspirin or bleach.
  • Keep fruits especially bananas or cigarette smoke away from fresh flowers as the ethylene gas emitted from them is poisonous to the flowers.
  • Keep the vase away from direct light or heat sources.

Final words

In conclusion, you will never want to easily let go of the flowers you received in your birthday flower delivery or any other occasion. Hence, you can adopt the above strategy to keep your flowers fresh and lively for a long so your home remains scented and embellished with their beauty.

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