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How to pull off a successful team building experience

30th Aug 17 3:47 pm

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Team building is one of the pillars of a successful business. It might be cast aside in some circles, but it represents the most efficient way of having colleagues and workplace teammates come together and gain each other’s trust and respect. When you are surrounded by strangers, you put up a defensive wall that prevents you from getting hurt or in a bad situation.

However, it also prevents you from making new friends and efficiently communicating with other people. These latter two are very important in a business environment  because the better two people talk; the more productive they can be in the service of a company. This guide will help you get an idea of what a great team building experience should look like.

The location

The place where you host your team building event is significant. If all your employees are from the same area and you also plan on having the event locally, they will probably expect some locations. It might be a bit of a stretch financially, but you will benefit in the long run from picking an entirely fresh location that no one expects.

This will suggest to them that by sticking around your company they can gain what they’ve never had before and that they can expect new, great things and not more of the same. Try some place exotic where you can bask in the sun or go scuba diving. It will be a great mini vacation before your crew starts work at full efficiency.

The activities

The events represent the other half of the team building experience. These are even more important than the location because they are in the forefront, the day’s highlight. Or at least, that’s what they are supposed to be, so if they fall short of that expectance, the team building experience will suffer in potency and credibility. Here are some exciting activities that have proven to be very effective for many companies over the years:

The mine field: This is a classic exercise that will bolster your employees’ trust in each other. The object of the game is to blindfold one person and have another one guide them through a mine field.

You can construct the mine field from literally anything, just put down some bowls and bottles in a semi-chaotic arrangement. The person that isn’t wearing the blindfold can talk but can’t walk in the field. The blindfolded person needs to listen to the instructions to get to the other side safely.

Truth and lie

Another popular team building game, this one implies that each person says one lie and one truth about themselves. The others have to guess which is which; based on a prior conversation everyone has with each other.

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