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How to plan your office removals in London

by John Saunders
20th Sep 21 2:49 pm

Planning office removals in London can result in severe losses if not planned properly. Aside from ensuring that you avoid causing so much downtime on your business, you need to also ensure that everything is planned within budget to avoid any unnecessary expenses. One way to achieve a seamless office relocation project is by hiring a qualified and reliable office removals company. So, how do you plan for office removals in London?

Planning an office move in London

As mentioned earlier, hiring a qualified office removals specialist is essential in ensuring a seamless relocation. According to this page on https://office-removals-london.net there are several things you need to put into consideration including the expertise level and years of experience of your contractor. Here’s a look into some of the other essential things you need to put into consideration  when planning for office removals. 

  • Planning ahead of time
  • Review your lease agreement
  • Inform your team
  • Choose the right timeline
  • Establish a reasonable budget
  • Inform all parties involved 
  • Asses your new office space floor plan
  • Make the move

Planning ahead of time

Once you have already established why you need to move, it’s recommended that you start planning for the big move at least three to six months before the day of the big move. 

Of course, this duration might vary depending on the size of your move, but either way, the earlier the better. It will undoubtedly give you ample time to ensure that you have ample time to have everything in place.

Review your lease agreement

It’s advisable to review your lease agreement and inform your landlord of your planned move. This is to avoid losing your deposit upon relocation. You should also take note of any damages to the property and the repairs that need to be done on the premises before vacating.

Inform your team

Having an office move on a normal workday can have adverse impact on the business due to the employee’s distraction. Informing them earlier will ensure they have adequate time to prepare for the move and avoid being too distracted. You certainly want to do what you can to reduce the downtime.

Hire a qualified office removals company

Working with a qualified expert is essential in ensuring that everything is done in the right way. With a professional, you won’t have to worry about the packaging or transportation and accountability among other things. It’s also good to work with a company that has a project manager to make everything including communication easier.

Choose a suitable timeline

To avoid so much disruption on your usual business, it’s ideal to choose your move day as one of the days that are less busy. This way, the impact on the daily operations as well as the team’s productivity levels will be less.

Establish a reasonable budget

To avoid incurring any unnecessary expenses, it’s advisable to ensure that you have a reasonable budget for your project. With a qualified office removals expert, it will be easier to determine accurately the costs that you’re likely to incur throughout your project. You should also ensure that you do everything within the set budget estimate.

Inform all parties involved

From employees, business partners, suppliers, to customers, you need to inform everyone that is involved in your business concerning your planned move this will help avoid any confusion that might arise or losing any business along the way due to the move. It will be essential in ensuring a smooth transition for your business.

Assess your new office space floor plan

When planning an office move, it’s good to put the business and team needs into consideration. Assessing the floor plan for your new office space gives you a chance to choose a suitable layout for your space.

Make a moving checklist

As you plan your big move, you should ensure that you have a checklist listing the items that are being moved and where they belong. This will ensure that everything is accounted for during and after the move. 

How much does an office move cost in London?

The cost of office removals vary depending on various factors like the size of the organisation, the  fit-out and refurbishment costs among others. The cost will also vary depending on the removal company you choose to work with. Some of the costs you’ll incur include the following:

  • Cost of hiring an office removals company(£3,500 – £7,000 for 3000 sq ft+)
  • Office restoration costs(£20 per square foot upward)
  • Fit-out and renovations cost(between £15- £60 per square foot)
  • Premises survey cost(between £750 to £5,000)
  • Schedule of conditions cost(between £1,000 to £2,000)
  • Cost of hiring a solicitor(between  £2,000 to £8,000)

With the  different costs mentioned above, you’ll have an idea of what you’re expected to pay for your office move in London. Of course, not forgetting the other extra costs that you’ll most likely incur like the packaging, storage and waste disposal cost.

Overall, working with a qualified team and planning in advance are sure ways of ensuring that you have smooth office removals. Most importantly, this will ensure that you avoid incurring any unplanned expenses . Not to mention avoiding any significant disruptions on the smooth running of business.

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