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How to pack fragile items for moving

by Sarah Dunsby
4th Jun 24 1:26 pm

Packing is a nerve-wracking part of moving and when it comes to packing fragile items, thick gets a bit more critical. You always want to move all your belongings safely to your new place and packing helps to achieve this mission. Fragile items need careful packing as all your stuff goes through a lot of handling during moving and any mishandling or even a slight pressure is enough to damage them.

Therefore, it is crucial to exert extra effort and get high-quality material items to pack glassware, vases, or other easy-to-break stuff. Have you collected lots of waste during packing? Leave it to a house clearance company for efficient management. In this blog, we surfed through various opinions of the experts and brought you effective tips for moving fragile items safely.

Tips to pack fragile items for a safe move

1. Stock up on high-quality packing material

The key factor in packing fragile items is to make sure that the items should be tightly packed in their respective boxes. Stock up on some high-quality boxes that do not break or deform with slight pressure.

Get enough quantity of packing peanuts and paper to fill the hollow spaces within the fragile items or the boxes. We suggest you thrift these items if you are on a tight budget.

2. Pack efficiently

When packing, add a generous amount of bubble wrap to the individual item before putting them into the box. Pack the boxes as much as you can and fill the empty spaces with the packing material so your stuff remains tightly packed into the box. Our experts recommend putting fragile items in small boxes that are easy to lift and less prone to dropping during handling.

On the other hand, large and heavy boxes are at high risk of dropping during handling and causing back injuries too. Moreover, if there is any involvement of environmental changes such as more humidity at the place you are moving, make sure to line each box with the insulating material to keep your items safe.

3. Pack fragile items to the top

This step applies to both scenarios, putting fragile items in a box and while stacking the boxes on each other. The reason is obvious. You will never want to crush your breakables under the heavy burden of large and heavy luggage.

If you are packing many things together in a box, ensure that the heaviest of them are at the bottom and the most light-weighted at the top. Similarly, while loading, stack the “FRAGILE” boxes on the top of everything. If there are any items like furniture that can be disassembled, do it so it will take less space.

4. Label as fragile

You are not going to be around every time your luggage is being handled to tell which box contains the fragile items. So, even if it seems unimportant, labeling your box as “fragile” is essential so the movers can easily identify them and know that they have to handle these boxes with care.

Avoid labeling at the top of the box as when boxes get stacked up at a place or in a truck, the label is hidden risking the safe handling of those boxes. If possible, get flashy bright stickers with FRAGILE written in bold block letters.

5. Re-pack in original packing

If you have saved the original packing of the fragile items, it is going to be a perfect option to repack your breakables. Such boxes are custom-designed to appropriately fit the entire item or all its parts if present and give them the necessary support during moving.

If that original packing comes with a lining of Styrofoam in the shape molded to fit each item, prefer it on whatever packing supply you have. If any of those items have hollow spaces, use newspaper or plain paper to fill the gaps to reduce the risk of breakage during movement.

6. Hire professional services

DIY moving is a good option to save your money but as a first-time mover, lack of experience can risk the safety of your belongings. From packing supplies to unloading at the new place, there are a lot of critical points that mess up all your efforts and cost you a lot to make up for the damage.

Hence, we advise you to get assistance from well-reputed moving companies as, in  London, Man and Van companies are working to let their customers enjoy a stress-free moving day by handling the entire moving process on their own.

Final words

In conclusion, packing fragile items is an overwhelming task but with the right instructions, you can do it well on your own. The rule is simple, whatever you do to pack, the main thing is to limit the movement of the breakables as it can cause the items to break. Make sure that there is no heavy object on the top of boxes containing fragile and you are good to go with a safe and worries-free moving experience.

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