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Pet relocation: How to move safely with pets

by Sarah Dunsby
4th Jun 24 1:59 pm

You may have planned your entire move but is it pet-friendly? You certainly love your pets and don’t want them to be stressed in any way. Moving can shake up their routine when they see all your attention diverted to packing and planning the moving day with professionals that help London keeps on moving. Slowly all their belongings a stuffed into the tightly sealed boxes they cannot open.

This stress if not managed properly, can cause risk to your pet’s health and they will not recover from this trauma for a long time. Hence, like other things, you also need to come up with a better plan to relocate your pets and this blog is about doing it safely.

Tips for the safe relocation of pets

Here is what you can do to ensure that your pets are not suffering from your moving activities.

Familiarise your pets with packing essentials

Once the long run of packing your entire house starts, the clutter around you is enough to drive you crazy. If your pets are not used to packing essentials, no one can present the damage to boxes from pet attacks. Moreover, it causes a risk of injury to your pets too.

So, before you start packing, quench the curiosity of your pets with some boxes containing a few junk items. It will be a new entertainment source for them. Once they are familiar and lost interest, you can continue to pack without any distraction.

Avoid changing their routines

Pets (specifically cats and dogs) are not very fond of changing their routines. With every skip in their daily activities, their anxiety level goes up leaving you with some fussy babies to handle. Even if you are on a tight schedule to complete your move as soon as possible, avoid any changes in the routine of your pets.

Spare some time from your packing routine to feed your pets at the routine time or take them for their regular exercise and walks. However, if you are running out of time, hire any assistance to look after your pets.

Pack and unpack their essentials first

When you are preparing your checklist for packing, end the packing list with your pet’s items while starting the unpacking list with them. The reason is to keep your pets calm to assure them their items are within their sight.

Your pets are as attached to their stuff as they are to you because they keep them comfortable at a certain place. If they have any favorite toy or a bed to snuggle with you, pack them just before leaving and unpack them immediately upon arriving so they will be cozy around that clutter.

Visit your vet

Visit your veterinarian a couple of days before moving. Get an updated medical record of the babies and make sure that they have got their due dose of vaccination. Refill their essential medication and if your dog has a certain medical condition or increased stress level, consult your vet to manage them during moving.

Your regular veterinarian can guide you better about the condition of your pets, so they can be safely relocated to the next destination. If you are moving to another city or country, check their pet relocation laws to get the medical certificate against certain health conditions like rabies-free status is checked for dogs in many countries like the UK.

Prepare a travel kit for your pets

Whether traveling in a car or by air, a travel kit containing the favorites of your pet is a must-to-do thing. Here are the things that should be a part of that pet kit.

  • pet food to prevent situations like unavailability of pet food
  • your pet’s Favorite Treats
  • pet’s favorite food bowl
  • favorite toys to keep them entertained
  • their favorite blanket
  • necessary Medications
  • the emergency contact details of a veterinarian in the city you are relocating to

All these things must be approachable preferably in a single separate bag, so your fur babies can happily relocate to your new home.

Choose the pet-friendly accommodations

When moving to a new city or country, you may need to find temporary accommodation in a hotel or guesthouse until your stuff reaches your new place. If you are with your pets, make sure that temporary accommodation is pet-friendly.

By pet-friendly, we mean one that allows the entry of your pet as many accommodations welcome pet cats and dogs but not pet snakes. Check the local rules and regulations about pets before moving to a particular place to ensure that they will accommodate your pet too.

Final words

Your pets cannot take the pressure and stress if moving well. Shower them with extra love and care to reassure them during the entire move. You can hire a man and van star company to spend extra time with your pets while letting professionals handle the moving tasks. By following the above tips, you can help your pets to survive moving while keeping them in happy surroundings.

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