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How to hire a car in the UK and save money: Five tips for getting more value and avoiding extra costs

by Sarah Dunsby
29th Aug 23 12:19 pm

Going on a trip in the UK is super fun and exciting. There are so many interesting metropoles, quaint villages and coastal cities to explore that every day will be unique. If the idea of bus and train fares and journeys scare you, fear not because you can comfortably move around in a hired car while saving money. Below you will find five tips for getting more value and avoiding extra costs.

1. Book as soon as possible

One of the first things that beginner travellers learn is that the sooner you make all the travel arrangements, the better —and the cheaper— it is. This is something that you should keep in mind about hiring a car as well. Booking it early means that you get a fair price and beat other drivers as at the moment when demand starts increasing, prices rise.

2. Compare prices

Never book the first good offer that you see. You should have a look at the market and compare prices for the car type that you are interested in. Before completing a booking, you should also make sure that you are giving your money to a reliable and legitimate business. Thankfully, there are websites like Holiday Cars where you can find affordable car hire options from trustworthy companies, compare them and book the one online. By doing all those things in one place, you save both money and time.

3. Fuel policy

The fuel policy is a popular culprit of unexpected charges. Depending on the fuel policy of each car hire firm, individuals are obliged to either return the hired vehicle with a full tank or pay the cost of a full tank upfront and drop off the car with an empty tank. Ask your selected car hire company about their fuel policy and abide by it in order to avoid extra charges.

4. Other terms

One of the most important tips for getting more value and avoiding extra costs when you hire a car is that you should know all about the terms and conditions that you have consented to. You can find the rules on the official websites of all car hire companies. If you have questions or need clarifications, you should call or visit them. It is important to remember that some companies charge extra if there are more than one person driving the car or if drivers exceed the mileage limit.

5. Inspect the car

Another money-saving tip for when you hire a car in the UK or anywhere in the world is that you should thoroughly inspect the hire car at pick-up. You should take photos or videos of pre-existing scratches or damages. In this way, you have proof that you did not cause any damages to the car. Otherwise, the company has got every right to charge you extra for marks and damages.

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