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How to find the right betting provider?

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26th Jan 19 4:25 pm

Sports betting is probably the most beautiful side issue in sports. In Germany alone, several million people take part in sports betting and the figures indicate that this rising trend is far from over. Since sports betting has become possible online in Germany, not only the number of members, but also the sums used for betting have increased year after year.

However not because the players used more money for betting options, but because several bet participants were active and played more regularly, with nevertheless small stakes. As we know it from the free market economy, a large demand is followed by a large supply. So it’s no surprise when it comes to sports betting that there are now numerous bookmakers on the Internet. What has to be considered when choosing the right betting provider is explained in more detail in the following article.

The excitement of sports betting

Sports betting gives people interested in sports the opportunity to use their knowledge and skills while earning a little extra. However, one must honestly admit that the stakes on a sports bet are on average between three to six euros. So nobody really gets rich and it’s more about the feeling of being an active part of a game than about financing the third new car in the garage of the villa. In addition, there have been sports bets proverbially since the beginning of time. There are clear indications that bets have already been placed on the first Olympic Games in ancient Greece and on the competitions in ancient Rome. At that time, however, there were no clear laws, no licenses for gambling and sports betting and still no Internet, where sports betting takes place today.

Sports betting in Germany

Already at the beginning of this article it was mentioned that it was not always possible to place sports bets online in Germany. This has only been possible since 2011. Previously, it was only possible to place sports bets in licensed betting offices. In 2011 there was a partial opening of the market, as sports betting on the Internet was already permitted in other countries. The European countries Malta and Gibraltar or the Caribbean Curacao, for example, have clear legal regulations on the subject of gambling and sports betting, precisely because this industry has existed there for some time.

A brief reference will be made to these countries later in the article. But back to online sports betting in Germany. Many sports and betting enthusiasts were only able to place online sports bets via foreign servers before 2011, although this was not entirely legal. Fortunately for both players and betting providers, however, the German government recognized the trend and opened up the market for sports betting on the Internet. Source: https://www.sportwetten.org/en/.

The new industry in sport

From 2011, the sports betting market no longer had a foothold. Several larger companies flocked to the German players’ market and advertised themselves and their products. Even familiar faces from sport and public life advertised for the bookmakers on large posters and in television commercials. Gradually, more and more providers came onto the market, as a result of which the demand for sports betting increased.

Because there are far more sports and bets than just football. The big bookmakers manage up to forty different sports, several leagues and endless betting options. If you look for a betting provider nowadays, you will find a huge offer that can deter newcomers. Because it goes without saying that you don’t want to entrust your money to any company, but to a serious bookmaker.

That’s what makes a good bookmaker

When searching for a betting provider, you proceed in a similar way to searching for a trustworthy bank. Thanks to the Internet, searching is easier than ever. There are clear websites where all bookmakers are listed. One of these websites is www.fussball.com. Furthermore, the most important details are listed there at first glance.

These are for example the bonus on the first deposited sum or the possible deposit and withdrawal methods. But the search is made even easier on the page inserted above. On it a search function is to be found, with which individual criteria and requirements for the desire bookmaker are to be entered. Thus the offer list of the bet offerers is again sorted and one can make oneself on it to examine the topmost hits more exactly.

The decisive criteria for a serious betting provider

The further procedure to find out if a betting provider is good or not so good are the following points. The most basic and important criterion is the license. This often comes from the aforementioned countries Malta, Gibraltar and Curacao. In these countries there are clear rules for the companies, which is ultimately an advantage for the customers. The licence is the decisive factor for the security of the platform as well as for the quality of the offer.

The next criterion are the certificates, which come from public and private side as well as national and international level. The licenses provide further information about the securities as well as the services of the provider. Further evaluations come from the customers. It goes without saying that these should of course be positive. The customer recessions give information about the use of the platform, the amount of the odds, the offer of sports as well as betting options and much more. Further important criteria are an easily accessible and competent customer service and the comprehensive provision of information.

The risk of sports betting

The provision of information on the website of the bookmakers is therefore an important criterion, since the risk of sports betting can be minimized by the accurate and up-to-date news supply. In contrast to games of chance, where you could only try to count the cards, you can make sports bets with security and responsibility by careful preparation.

For this purpose, current news, tables and statistics are used. A simple example is that with a high probability, FC Bayern Munich will win against Eintracht Braunschweig from the third league. This is a simple example, but after a short research of the teams and leagues an exact forecast is possible. This is possible for all sports. It is therefore important that the bookmaker himself manages an extensive section on his website with the most important information as well as tips and tricks for successful sports betting.

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