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How to choose the best online doctoral programs in education without dissertation requirements?

by Sarah Dunsby
21st Feb 24 3:11 pm

The field of education is rapidly evolving, moving along with these times of unprecedented technological advancements. Everything and everyone is online these days, so it’s no surprise that it’s now possible to further your education by using just your laptop or tablet, and an internet connection. Educational institutions around the world have recognized the need for online programs at all levels and in all disciplines of study.

Online doctoral programs in education are not an exception, as an increasing number of colleges now offer the opportunity to earn these undergraduate degrees through a multitude of programs.

Getting a doctorate degree in education is a dream of many educators, but the realities of adult life, work and family responsibilities, make it very difficult to pursue this dream. The dissertation requirement is one of the most dreaded parts of the whole process, as it’s a gruesome and tiring research project that can in some cases take years of research and dedication, which is why many educational institutions have started online education doctoral programs without any such requirements.

In this article we will focus on online doctoral programs in education without dissertation requirements and give you an idea of the criteria that many of them use instead of dissertations while offering some advice on how to choose the best program for you!

Alternatives to the dissertation requirement

As mentioned before, many institutions have decided to waive the requirement for a dissertation, while some have swapped it with alternative requirements.

These will, of course, vary between different institutions and programs, but there are some common ones that we will try to give you an idea of.

It is common for online doctoral programs in education to request their applicants to complete an examination test that would test their knowledge across multiple fields, while others may put a bigger emphasis on practical achievements. These will value a rich and well-written CV, listing achievements, experience, and contributions to the field instead of test scores or dissertations.

Some institutions may require students to participate in a long capstone project that will give them the chance to demonstrate and implement their skills and knowledge related to a specific research question or a real-world problem.

All of these alternatives offer a less intense pathway to earning a doctorate in education online without worrying about the dissertation.

Choosing the best online Doctorate in Education without a dissertation requirement

Choosing the best education PHD online program will be important for every student as it will most likely shape their future careers, and by extension, their lives.

Prospective students would be well advised to take their passions, ambitions, and strengths into account when choosing the right program for them, but besides these factors which would be different for each student, there are other factors that may help the students make the right choice.

The students should choose their area of specialization based on the aforementioned, individual criteria, but they should take into account some of the following when choosing between different institutions and programs that offer the same specialization.

Program duration and delivery

There are online doctoral programs in education of varying duration and delivery. These programs can be, full-time, part-time, and have varying degrees of schedule flexibility.

In terms of delivery, some may have a mix of online and on-campus responsibilities while others would be strictly online, some may have more group projects, while others may focus on practical knowledge more than theory for example, so it’s important for each student to choose carefully, and choose the one that fits best with their everyday schedule.

Required coursework and faculty qualifications

Another aspect that will be different between various online educational institutions is the required coursework and the qualifications of the staff.

It’s important to do research on both in order to make sure that the curricula and courses are modern, relevant, and applicable in your future careers, and that you have the best faculty members and support available. It’s a good idea to get in contact with some current students or former alumni or faculty members to gather as much information as possible, to make sure that this extremely important decision will be a good one.


It’s highly advisable to look into methods of payment, possible grants, and scholarship options as financial stress can be detrimental to learning, so choosing what works for you the best financially may result in a more conducive learning environment.

Keep in mind that your future earning potential may vary depending on the online doctoral degree program that you finish, so consider choosing the one with the most lucrative opportunities.


The world is rapidly changing, and so is the educational environment, especially the online one.

Online doctoral programs in education are also progressing and increasingly starting to drop their dissertation requirements.

If you ever considered getting a doctorate in education but you always dreaded this gruesome research project, check out some of the excellent online doctoral programs with no dissertation requirements and start moving toward your goal!

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