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Choosing a campus for business school: What makes an ideal learning environment

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3rd Apr 20 2:19 pm

Education as a whole thrives in certain well-established conditions. What this means is that whether you are planning to study quantum physics, computer engineering or business management, the environment in which you choose to study will be particularly relevant. As this is not a secret, all the top college campuses in the UK and around the world are designed with those aspects in mind. Taking a look at business school from a different angle, let’s now concentrate on finding the key traits which make a campus ideal for future entrepreneurs and executive leaders.

A touch of nature

Every one of the top colleges in the UK has a slice of nature embedded into their very architecture, and it’s not all just for show either. There is a significant connection between a green, grassy college campus and a boosted academic performance. Apparently, tree cover is directly related to improved cognitive performance in students.

Although you might not have known it, birds chirping on big trees will actually help you to understand business communications better! Throw in a few lakes and what you have is the perfect environment to both study and experience nature on campus. A well-maintained, green campus looks and feels gorgeous, which is something that no student will ever complain of having.

Right amount of tech

The utilisation of technology in college campuses has manifested into some pretty impressive achievements over the years in not just the UK, but also in Europe and the US. Green campuses are no longer just full of trees and grassy lawns, but they also have solar panels of their own, helping them meet a large chunk of their energy requirements on their own. From a purely academic point of view though, a college that isn’t properly equipped with all the latest technology which its students will need to complete their respective courses is not a college worth attending.

This is why Uni Compare recommends the University of Roehampton because they offer the perfect mix of nature and tech, to help their students learn with every convenience they might need. The University of Roehampton is ideal for business students looking to complete programs such as:

  • Business Management BSc (Hons)
  • Business Management and Economics BSc (Hons)
  • Business Management and Entrepreneurship BSc (Hons)
  • Business Management and Finance BA (Hons)
  • Business Management and Marketing BA (Hons)

Uni Compare lists the important bits regarding the University of Roehampton for business students and students from other fields as well so that they can pit the institution against other universities right there on their platform.

A community environment

If you plan to start a business, you can’t really be a social recluse! Any good college campus will encourage and foster building a community within the department and across the departments because it’s essential for a student’s social growth before they head out into the big bad world of business and try to take things head-on. While this is relevant for all students, it holds particular significance to business students. To them, it’s an opportunity to make important connections and learn more about social skills in a real social environment. If you wish to be a business leader someday and a successful one, you may want to find a college that puts in extra effort towards building a campus community.


Most universities in the UK worth attending are safe, but you need to be sure. When you are about to spend years inside the boundaries of an institution filled with hundreds of other students, safety should be assured first. Do a bit of research on campus safety, learn about the risk factors, if any, and only then make an informed decision. Although it has nothing to do with business education, ignoring safety is probably the most common mistake that small businesses make! Don’t start your business course with that mistake, and get to know more about your university campus instead of having a bad experience later. It’s difficult to study business ethics if you are panicked about safety on campus!

A sustainable, eco-friendly business model is of absolute importance now, which is why it’s ideal that students learn about not just business, but are encouraged from a young age to practice clean, green business policies. A campus that embodies both the ecological and academic aspects of the term “green,” will help to usher in a new generation of business leaders who are more responsible than their predecessors were. Aside from everything discussed, there’s also the peace and quiet factor, which is indeed relevant. When you pay a visit to the university, do make sure that the campus isn’t too close to a busy road, or it might soon become too difficult to enjoy or study anything much!

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