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How to choose the best drill bits: detailed instruction

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31st Dec 18 11:00 am

How to select the best drill bits? This is a rather complicated question because there are many circumstances that you need to consider. Check carefully options, select several that would work for you. After that, read the best drill bit reviews, and finally, make your decision. What are the circumstances though, that could influence your choice? This is just a short list of the main of them:

  • Materials that you want to drill;
  • Will you use a power drill or a hand drill?
  • Brand reputation;
  • Your personal preferences, if any.

Which drill bits are used for what

So, here we go. If you are going to work with any kind of metal, you should pay attention to metal drills. The main materials from which these unbreakable drill bits are made is HHS. If you need however to work with a harder material, your choice should be cobalt or tungsten bits.

If you are going to work with tile or glass, select drill bits made of steel with a carbide tip. The drilling speed in such cases is much lower and the work should be very precise. The sizes of such bits are limited. They are perfect for a hand drill. However, you might work also with a slow-speed drill or in a variable-speed electric drill. Do not forget to use some lubricant to keep the bit tip cold. However, they are very problematic if you would like to sharpen them, because of the tough tungsten carbide tip.

If your target is concrete, use special bits for concrete. The shaft of such bit is manufactured of steel, and the tip is made from impact-resistant carbide. They are significantly thicker than other kinds of bits and are designed to resist hard work. You might want to use the bits with a hand-drill, however, you will have to make many efforts to do any job like this. Due to the work specifics, you should use these bits with an electric power drill.

Expandable bits are the best if you need to make huge holes. They have a central screw area. Thanks to this, they can be pulled through a wood. They are very good for such works, but you have to keep them very sharp. And they are usually used with hand-drills. Sharpening is also performed by hand. You should sharpen all cutting edges.

Now, only some details are left. After determining, with which material and which drill you are going to work, you check reviews and select the best drill bit brand. Read reviews, get in touch with customer support, ask the questions that you need to ask. Only after that, you can buy your bits.


Those people who don’t work with a drill constantly, believe, that selecting drill bits is an easy task. However, after checking options, you will understand, that this is a complicated task. Your choice will depend on many factors. Are you ready to select? Go on then, find the best drill tips for your task!

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