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How to choose comfortable footwear for the office

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8th Mar 21 12:07 pm

How many fairy tales talk about shoes? Cinderella, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, and the old woman who lived in a shoe are just a few examples of the most famous ones. This tells us how important shoes are. At work we are walking about all day in our shoes so they have to be comfortable. For those of you that work on your feet all day good shoes are imperative and most of the time, specific to the job. What about those of you in an office? You must look professional and good but you also need to be comfortable. In this article, we will give you some hints and tips on how to care for your feet and find the right shoes.

Clarks Shoes are known for being comfortable and stylish. Their different collections ranging from flat shoes to loafers to ankle boots are ideal office wear. Sometimes wearing heels to the office is just not feasible, not everyone feels comfortable.  You can also save money with this Clarks discount code. Make sure that they are the right fit if you have wide feet, then you need a pair of shoes that are wide enough. If your shoes pinch, not only will they be uncomfortable, but they can cause bunions too.

Our feet are like the foundations of a house, they hold us up, so they need the right support in order to support us. Bad footwear, in the long run, can cause various injuries to your body, to your back, hips, knees, and various other joints. Unfortunately looking good is also an important part of our job so investing in shoes that will not only look good but will help our feet are vital.

Both Lucky Feet Shoes and Crocs are made from Croslite material, which is made with closed-cell foam to provide good cushioning while also being lightweight. However, while Croslite material is soft, it can be hard on the skin and can also become slick when wet.

When shopping for shoes here are some tips on how to get the right ones for your feet, one of the main ones is, make sure to get your feet measured. Did you know that most people have one foot that is larger than the other?  This is why you must get both of your feet measured and fit your shoes on the larger foot.

The best time to buy shoes is in the evening as you will have been on your feet all day and they will have swollen. Our feet tend to swell during the day and as your shoes will be on your feet all day long it is best to get a pair that don’t pinch. You need to be careful that they are not too loose either. Don’t rely on shoe sizes, try both shoes on to be sure that they fit you properly. Just like with clothes, some shoe shops vary in sizes. Look at the shape of the shoe and see if it resembles your foot, it is pointless to buy a pair of shoes that are narrow when you have a wide foot.

Don’t buy shoes thinking that you will stretch them over time, you won’t. It is also a bad way to think, you can damage your feet this way. When trying on the shoes in the shop, check the width of the shoes. The ball of your foot, which is the widest part of your foot just before your toes begin, should be able to fit comfortably into the widest part of the shoe.

The shoes should also be deep enough to fit your toe and there should be a space at the end of the shoe. Then you should always stand up and move your feet to see how they feel, you should also walk around to make sure that they are not too tight and don’t fall off your feet.

Another extremely handy tip is to come to work in a certain pair of shoes and then have your work shoes in the office. The netdoctor talks about the importance of good shoes and how they can affect your health.

Make sure your shoes are made from a breathable material, this makes them more comfortable to wear for a longer time and is less likely to cause irritation. Make sure the upper part holds your foot in place comfortably. Use a cushioned shoe with arch support for the best fit and shoes that can be worn with ease all day long. If all else fails, keep a spare pair of shoes under your desk for emergencies!f

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