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How much does it cost to ship artwork

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19th Apr 21 2:34 pm

If you have never shipped a painting or sculpture before, you may be wondering how much it costs to ship artwork. Unfortunately, the answer to this question may be more complex than you might expect as there are many variables to take into account. This also means that there is not one single answer. Here is what you need to know.

How much does an art shipping service cost?

The safest and most reliable way to send your artwork across the world is to entrust a fine art shipping agency – such as Convelio – with your precious cargo. This will not only ensure that it will arrive at its destination in perfect condition, but every little detail of the procedure will be taken care of for you.

Agencies that specialise in fine art logistics know all the tricks of the trade and use the best packing materials available to protect your works of art. They also understand how to pick the most suitable transport option based on the size, weight, and fragility of your shipment. In addition, they can take care of all administrative formalities and handle taxes and customs for you.

Another key aspect of using a dedicated service is insurance. They insure your fine art so you are properly covered should the piece sustain any damage despite all the care put into its transport. Finally, thanks to a diversified network of art carriers, they provide white glove art delivery services and install your artwork right where it needs to be.

Specialists such as Convelio put very convenient tools at your disposal so you can ask for a quote to know more about the price to transport a work of art. You will receive an immediate answer and be assured that the rates will not be modified, safeguarding you against any bad surprises. Thanks to their transparency, you know exactly what to expect!

How much does it cost to ship your artwork yourself?

If you are sending fine art to a not-too-distant destination or if the item in question is small or lightweight, you might prefer to ship it yourself. This is entirely possible, provided that you know exactly how to proceed. To estimate the cost, you will need to take every aspect of the procedure into account.

Never underestimate how much packaging material is likely to cost. For your artwork to be perfectly protected during transport, you cannot get away with packaging it into a random recycled box. Depending on whether you are sending an unframed painting, a framed work of art or a sculpture, you may need to invest in exactly the right type of box, or even in a custom-made wooden crate to shield your artwork.

Shipping itself is another concern. You may select Royal Mail, FedEx, UPS, DHL, or any other shipping service that is most convenient to you, but it is worth noting that they do not insure fine art. You would therefore be sending valuable artwork across the country (or even further) at your own peril.

Parcel delivery service charges vary depending on weight, dimensions, and destination, but do not include possible customs duty, import VAT, excise duty, etc. This means you will need to calculate how much these fees will come up to and consider them in your overall cost estimate.

The best choice of transporter

Shipping fine art requires time, care, and know-how. Thanks to their convenient, user-friendly online tools, specialists such as Convelio can give you an online quote in just a few minutes. Taking the hassle out of art shipping, they provide bespoke services to gallery owners, auction houses, art & design platforms, interior designers, artists, and collectors all around the world.

Fine art shipping is a specialised service. It requires the technical know-how needed to transport your work of art safely. Selecting the right transporter is key. Convelio will transport your artwork by road, sea or air; monitor tracking is available throughout the trip. To do this, they will make sure to use the best packaging for your art piece

Professionals will streamline the whole process, take care of all the details and ensure a stress-free and painless experience. It is worth choosing a specialised service provider that ships your artwork with care and the utmost professionalism.

Do you want your artwork to arrive safely, undamaged and in the same condition that you bought it? Do your research, and only use a company with an excellent reputation and high ratings.

The professionals have the experience to handle your artwork from start to finish. They will cover services including, but not limited to, the paperwork, art handlers, condition reports, customs, insurance, packaging, freight and delivery.

Get a quote and ensure there are no hidden costs. It pays to do your homework when selecting only the best for the shipping of your artwork.

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