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How anyone can improve their cooking skills

by Sarah Dunsby
3rd May 23 2:10 pm

If you’re going to do something, then you may as well do it well. Taking cooking, for instance. Unless you’ve got a lot of money in your bank account, then you’ll need to prepare your own meals at home — eating out at restaurants is expensive, after all! Many people see this as a chore that they have to do, but it’s better to embrace the activity. You’ll be able to make better meals this way, which has the all-important bonus of better taste, too.

Need some help improving your cooking skills? Then follow these easy-to-follow tips.

Start with basic recipes

Everyone has to start somewhere. No one’s born with an innate gift for cooking. If you don’t have much experience with pots and frying pans, then take a look at some basic recipes. They’ll get you familiar with being in the kitchen, and if the dish only requires a handful of ingredients, then it’s unlikely that you’ll mess it up. Once you have the basics in order, you’ll find that you’re willing and able to try more complex dishes moving forward.

Add a few flair tricks

The basic recipes that you use will be good, but they’ll still be basic. In order to take your cooking to the next level, you’ll want to look at adding some flair tricks to your meals. This can turn an OK meal into a good meal, and a good meal into a great meal. For example, if you know how to mince garlic by hand (rather than using a garlic press) and how to melt cheddar cheese, then you’ll be giving your meals an additional touch of flavor that most people miss. In cooking, it’s often the smallest improvements that make the biggest difference.

Buy better ingredients

The quality of your ingredients is going to have a huge impact on the eventual outcome of your dish. If you’re using the lowest quality — or cheapest — ingredients that you can find, then you can’t expect your meals to be all that brilliant. In many cases, buying better ingredients doesn’t mean having to spend a whole lot more money. It might be slightly more expensive, but nothing groundbreaking. One recommended tip is to go to specialist stores to buy your food. For example, buying your meat from a butcher’s shop and your fruit and veg from a farmer’s market. You’ll taste the difference.

Push yourself

It’s important to take risks from time to time. Don’t just stay in your cooking comfort zone! Trying more complex dishes will give you the skills that separate great cooks from good cooks. Even if you have to make a couple of bad dishes from time to time, it’ll be worth it.

Practice makes perfect

Finally, remember that practice makes perfect! You won’t be a master chef after you’ve finished your first meal. But if you stick with it and keep on improving, then it won’t be long before you’re getting compliments on your dishes. And just like that, you’ll have a skill that you’ll use for the rest of your life.

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