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Google set to bring AI to Raspberry Pi computers

25th Jan 17 2:08 pm

Take a look at this interesting tech…

Google is on its way to bringing artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to computer Raspberry Pi.

The cheap tiny computer is often used in schools and the maker community for programming devices.

Google has set up its very own survey and is asking makers what smart tools would be the “most helpful”.

In the past Google, has developed a wide range of tools for machine learning such as internet of things devices, wearables, robotics and home automation.

Eben Upton, founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, told the BBC: “It’s fantastic to see Google getting closer to the maker community.”

“I’m particularly excited about the prospect of connecting Raspberry Pi to some of the machine learning work coming out of Google DeepMind in London, allowing us to build smart devices that interact in the real world.”

In 2015, the Raspberry Pi became the most popular British computer ever made, more than 10m have now been sold.

The business community has also started to use the tech a lot more.

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