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Golden Passports cut school fees by 94% for US and UK investors

by LLB staff reporter
4th Sep 23 1:58 pm

Research by Astons, the international experts on residency and citizenship through investment (CBI), reveals that the cost of international schools for a primary level education in CBI nations is up to 94% cheaper than in the USA and UK.

Astons has measured the estimated average annual cost of an international primary school education for one child in the USA and UK, and compared this to the same cost in 11 CBI nations to demonstrate how much can be saved by gaining full citizenship to a foreign nation. 

International schools are usually privately funded learning institutions that tend to cater for children of expats. In this case, learners come from families who have relocated to another nation and are living outside of their original native country.

For the uninitiated, citizenship through investment (CBI) is a process that allows individuals to obtain citizenship to a foreign country by making a significant investment in that nation’s economy and infrastructure.

The data shows that the average cost of an international school primary education in the USA is $17,113 per year, climbing marginally higher to $17,875 in the UK.

Education is significantly more affordable across all 11 CBI nations. 

In Austria, where education is the most expensive of the CBI countries, the average cost of international schooling is an estimated $10,877. This is -36.4% less than the USA and 39.2% more affordable than the UK.

Cambodia offers a reduction of -50.8% compared to the USA and -52.9% versus the UK, and in Malta the difference is -52.4% and -54.4% respectively.

From here the potential savings keep getting bigger to the point where they exceed -80% in three CBI countries, including North Macedonia and Egypt.

However, it’s the Caribbean nation of Grenada that provides the most affordable primary education of all. At an average annual cost of $1,061, schooling is an almighty -93.8% more affordable than in the USA and -94.1% when compared to the UK.

Immigration Expert for Astons, Alena Lesina said, “When considering citizenship by investment, one major concern is the potential return on that investment. Part of this return is going to be based around lifestyle and quality of life improvements offered by these CBI nations, but there is also the issue of financial returns. 

This can come in the form of property appreciation or perhaps business opportunities presented by your new homeland, but savings on the ongoing cost of living are also another way of earning back your initial investment. 

These savings of up to 94% are incredible. And when you consider that this is simply international primary education, you can imagine how significant the savings will go on to be for subsequent levels of education.

“Over the course of a decade, you could be looking at schooling savings in the many tens of thousands of pounds which in itself mitigates a good chunk of the initial investment cost.”

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