Home Business News Germany ‘upgrade’ their bunkers and invest ‘more in security’ to ‘protect their freedom’ as they fear war could break out

Germany ‘upgrade’ their bunkers and invest ‘more in security’ to ‘protect their freedom’ as they fear war could break out

by LLB political Reporter
9th Apr 22 2:50 pm

Germany have said that they are strengthening their bunkers and basement shelters over fears that war could break out and are also investing in their “security.”

German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser confirmed their actions as in the Bundestag there has been a large policy shift amid Russia’s invasion in to the Ukraine.

Berlin are also upgrading their public shelter systems and are to spend more than 2% of their economic output and they will also spend more on civil protections, Faeser confirmed.

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Faeser told The Welt am Sonntag newspaper, “There are currently 599 public shelters in Germany. We will check whether we could upgrade more of such systems.

“In any case, the dismantling has stopped.”

The German Chancellor Olaf Scholz told the Bundestag lower house of parliament on 27 February, “We will have to invest more in the security of our country to protect our freedom and democracy.”

Scholz has openly slammed Vladimir Putin and his troops over the “Bucha massacre” which saw Russian soldier rape, murder, mutilate and execute innocent civilians on the town north of Kyiv.

Scholz said on Saturday, speaking of the Bucha massacre, the Chancellor said, “We cannot overlook that this is a crime.

“These are war crimes we will not accept… those who did this must be held accountable.

“This is something we cannot forget.”

The German Chancellor has now vowed they will keep supplying President Volodymyr Zelensky with weaponry.

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