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Furious Barnier says, Brits don’t ‘want to understand’ Brexit consequences

by LLB Politics Reporter
29th May 20 3:17 pm

The EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier said in a furious rant at the UK’s counterpart David Frost that the UK do not want to “understand” the consequences over Brexit.

The increasing bitter battle between Barnier and Frost continues over the post-Brexit trade deal.

Barnier said in an interview, “The British have not understood or do not want to understand that Brexit has consequences for them. For us too.

“But also for them. That after leaving the EU, they cannot have the same conditions and status as when they were members of the European Union.

“That is your choice. It is difficult for them to accept the consequences of Brexit.

“There should be more realism in London in the near future if they want an orderly agreement to exit the single market and customs union.”

Barnier antagonising interview came after Frost said the EU must be more flexible to achieve a Brexit trade deal.

But the Frenchman will not back down as he is demanding for a regulatory level-playing field, with EU rules.

Barnier told German media, “The question of changing the mandate of the European Union does not arise at all.

“I remind you that the UK will leave the internal market and the customs union after leaving the European Union. We continue to set the conditions for access to our own market.

“A third country, the United Kingdom, will not dictate to us the terms of access to our market for British goods, services, data or for workers and businesses.

“We remain sovereign. That is my mandate. We ourselves determine the access conditions for our market in all areas.”

Barnier attacked Frost and added, “Mr Frost should remember that the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union and the internal market.

“The United Kingdom wants to establish trade and economic relations with us. For services, transportation, aviation, internal security.

“You want this agreement. We do too, but they leave the European Union, not we leave the United Kingdom.”

Talks will resume on Tuesday.

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