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FTSE shrugs off sell-off in US and Asia

by LLB Editor
29th Sep 21 11:46 am

If investing is often about climbing a wall of worry, then market participants arguably face the equivalent of the Matterhorn right now but on Wednesday investors seemed to be undaunted.

AJ Bell investment director said: “Despite a big sell-off in Asia and the US overnight, with tech stocks leading the way down, the FTSE 100 was off to a solid start.

“The global energy crisis is really just the latest manifestation of a wider shortage of stuff as demand has flooded back in the wake of the pandemic.

“Then you have specific pressure points like the crisis around Chinese property developer Evergrande and the latest in what feels like a series of periodic battles over the debt ceiling in the US.

“Against this uncertain backdrop central banks are having to weigh up inflation risks which, like chewing gum on the sole of a shoe, are proving stickier than they’d hoped.

“To counter the threat posed by rising prices they face the prospect of dialling down economic support at a time of mounting uncertainty over the recovery.”

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