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France to send ‘military equipment’ to the Lebanese military ‘to maintain patrols’

by LLB political Reporter
6th Nov 23 1:08 pm

France are to send “military equipment” to Lebanon as there is around 700 French soldiers who are part of the e UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) bases on the Israel-Lebanese border.

The French Defence Minister said on Monday that the Lebanese army will receive dozens of armoured vehicles to undertake patrol missions.

Sebastien Lecornu told Lebanon’s L’Orient Le Jour newspaper that they will coordinate with the UN’s peacekeeping force and the country’s army as tensions grow.

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He said that medicines will also be sent to Lebanon which will be paid for at reasonable costs for their Army as tensions between the Iranian backed Lebanese militant group Hezbollah and Israel increase.

Lecornu said, “We will pursue our partnership with military equipment, notably for the transport of troops protected by armor, which is key to maintain patrols.”

“Our support for the Lebanese army is for the long-term whatever the current difficulties,” Lecornu added.

Since 1978 UNIFIL has been operating on the Lebanese-Israeli border also known as the “Blue Line” and around 700 French soldiers help for part of the organisation.

On Sunday Israel conducted a strike in southern Lebanon killing four members of a journalist’s family who was wounded who were travelling in their car.

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