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Four tips for finding cheap flights to Israel

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30th May 19 10:55 am

Are you planning to travel to Israel on a budget? If you answered yes, you are not alone. Many tourists and business people who visit Israel want to do so on a budget too, but still get the most out of their trip.

If it’s any consolation, there are different ways to visit Israel on a tight budget, and that’s what we’ll show you in this article.


Here are five tips for finding cheap Israeli flights

Keep your online searches private for better prices

This may come as a surprise, but many sites may hike the price of a certain route when they realize repeated searches from your browser – well, to scare you into reserving a sit quickly. It is more of psychological – we all proceed with our searches even when we come across an incredible deal, hoping to find an even better one before committing. What you may or may not realize is that when you go back to a platform, the prices are often not the same as they were the first time you clicked onto the site.

Some flights and airlines platforms use cookies, which monitor your activities, and when they notice you are interested in a specific flight, they raise the price for profit. Cookies stores your information, including dates and passenger numbers – so they will quickly notice if a given route is in high demand by you – and of course, by the law of supply and demand, the prices tend to go up when the demand is high.

The best way to go around this is by using incognito mode when looking for flights – this way, the airline site cannot view your cookies or your browser history. Better yet, you can use a virtual private network.

Use comparison sites

It can be overwhelming to search through hundreds of sites for the cheapest Israeli flight. Luckily, you don’t have to do this. By using comparison sites, you get to explore more than 1000 flight combinations in less than five minutes to get the best deal possible. Different comparison sites will give you different kinds of information – some will inform you on range and speed or cheapest time to fly, while others, about flight data and so on.

Timing is key

Timing is another excellent way to land incredible flight deals. The earlier you book your flight, the better the prices. Since the demand is high during the last minute, the prices tend to soar. Recent research revealed that booking at least 53 days ahead is ideal because it’s on average about 26% cheaper than booking on the travel day.

The day of travel

It might also be a good idea to find out when the air tickets are cheapest (the window period when the prices are at their lowest). According to one comparison site that analysed 7.5 billion airfares on the leading routes, air tickets are at their lowest on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and evenings. If your schedule is flexible, you may want to check out prices on different days and hours to see if you can save up some more.

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