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Four alternatives to wrapping paper

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10th Dec 21 12:33 pm

When the holiday is near, we spend a lot of money on presents for each other. Not all the money is spent on presents – we also need to wrap the gifts in something.

 Did you know that people in the UK use hundreds of miles of wrapping paper each year? And that over 80 square meters of these end up in our bins? In other words: we use a lot of money on something that we just throw away. Also, we spend a lot of time wrapping the gifts in paper that is thrown away the moment the presents are opened.

Four alternatives to wrapping presents

To reduce the amount of wrapping paper used, there are several alternatives to consider. There are so many creative ways to wrap presents, that you probably won´t need wrapping paper at all! Below we have gathered some suggestions for alternative wrapping.

1. Cardboard boxes

It´s not unusual to pack gifts in a cardboard box, but we usually wrap the paper around it as well. That´s not necessary. Just put the present in the box and tape it shut. If you don´t think the box is decorative enough, you can always put on a silk ribbon, hemp yarn, or any piece of thread you have laying around.

Another tip is to decorate the box with drawings or stamps. With beautiful colours and funny drawings, it will be a hit under the tree.

2. Clothing

Maybe you have some old clothes, tablecloths or curtains you´re not using? If you do, this is perfect to wrap your presents in. Cut it into fitting pieces that will cover the present and fold them the way you want. We recommend cutting some long and narrow pieces so you can tie them together and make a ribbon.

Are you giving a scarf? Wrap it around other presents to the same person (if they´re getting more presents). If you have sewing skills, you can make practical bags and use those to put the presents in. Then the receiver can use the wrapping for storage or re-use it as “wrapping paper” later.

3. Small boxes and jars

Every now and then we buy things that are stored in boxes or jars, for example, snus boxes or jam jars. These are perfect to use as gift boxes, just remember to clean them first. If you have an empty tin box for mints, this is the perfect gift box for small presents like earrings or necklaces. The round-shaped boxes for snus are also perfect for giving away jewellery or other small things like money, cuffs, or small Christmas decorations. Finish with a ribbon, and there you are, ready to put it under the Christmas tree.

Jam jars are perfect for giving away homemade Christmas candy. They’re also a practical gift since the jars can be reused for other things.

4. Reuse wrapping paper

This is not that creative compared to the other alternatives mentioned above, and you´re stuck with wrapping paper again. But, if you don´t tear off the paper like a kid (as everyone wants to) you can save the wrapping paper and reuse it next Christmas. This way you can still adorn your presents with decorative wrapping paper, but avoid creating unnecessary waste and spending unnecessary money.

Ready – Set – Wrap

So, now that you´re up to date on alternative and creative ways to wrap presents, there is no time to wait. Find your old curtains and cut them into pieces, decorate cardboard boxes from your online shopping and empty your jam jars. Let the Christmas present wrapping begin.

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