Home Business News Around 2,000 troops from a whole ‘regiment of the Donetsk People’s Republic’ and ‘Russian paratroopers’ have ‘run away from battle’

Around 2,000 troops from a whole ‘regiment of the Donetsk People’s Republic’ and ‘Russian paratroopers’ have ‘run away from battle’

29th Aug 22 5:12 pm

Kakhovka Operational Command (KOC) has announced on Monday in statement that a the whole of the “109th regiment of the DPR [Donetsk People’s Republic]” has “run away,” and a typical Russian regiment consists of no more than 2,000 soldiers.

The so called elite Russian paratroopers have also “run away from the battlefield” in Kherson region fearing for their lives.

The KOC confirmed on Monday afternoon that “The 109th regiment of the DPR has retreated from its positions in Kherson region, and the Russian paratroopers, who backed them, ran away from the battlefield.”

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The Head of the Joint Press Center of the Defense Forces of the Pivden (South) Operational Command Natalia Humeniuk, said at a Monday press briefing, that they are “refusing” to disclose any operational details about any possible offensive in the south for security and intelligence reasons.

Humeniuk stressed, “The most important thing we should know now is that any military operations requires silence.

“And the fact that any news from the front raise such an excitement is in fact very wrong under conditions of the hybrid war, during the informational war.

“We must realize that any actions, even very inspiring ones, have to be carried out and have a logic ending – only then they will be effective.

“So, there are news, they have inspired everyone, now we have to be patient and understand the rules and sequence of actions by military detachments.”

This comes after Ukrainian forces have “breached” Russia’s “first line of defence near Kherson” resulting in Russian commanders running away scared.

Vladimir Putin’s counteroffensive in the Donbas has “stalled” as Ukrainian forces are striking fear and mass panic amongst Russian commanders and troops.

Senior Russian commanders are fearing Kyiv will take back the Donbas and the officers who are from the elite units of the 83rd and 11th Guards Air Assault Brigades, are scrambling to flee the region with their families.

The Kakhovka Operational Group of Troops wrote in a statement on their Facebook page, “The Armed Forces of Ukraine have regained the initiative for their own benefit and it will only be worse for Russia.

“Because of this, there is currently a mass escape of Russian commanders in the Kherson direction.”

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