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Five tips and tricks for marketing your craft beer in a crowded marketplace

by Sarah Dunsby
12th Dec 22 9:10 am

The craft beer market is thriving. While that is good news if you own a craft brewery, it also means you will be facing more competition than just a few years ago, and the competition is sure to get fiercer as more and more craft beer companies launch.

Therefore, you need to know the following five tips and tricks for marketing your beer in a crowded marketplace.

1. Tell your story

Today’s craft beer customers tend to purchase from companies that they feel they know on a personal level.

So, telling the story of how and why your business got started, across your website, your social media channels, your literature, and so on, can be a marvellous marketing method that you should make use of.

Personal stories resonate with people much more than things like impressive facts and statistics. In a crowded marketplace, telling your story, and telling it in the right way – such as using the right wording and imagery – can really make your craft beer company stand out and attract more leads and customers.

2. Get noticed more on your social media platforms

You are sure to already know how much utilising social media can benefit your marketing campaigns. But if you are not using your social media channels in the right way, you will not be able to draw in as many followers and potential customers as you could be pulling in.

If you are only posting shots of your latest beers and informational content like your business details and taproom opening times, you are missing a trick.

You should be popping on social media to get shares, likes, and comments. So, do things like show the people who work behind the scenes, post videos about the beer-making process, and write posts about how you come up with new names for your craft beers.

3. Optimise your website

You can use the above tips for your website too. The more you post interesting content that will engage people and get shared, the more leads and customers you can attract to your website, which should act as the central online hub of your brand.

Your website is one of the best marketing weapons in your arsenal, so pay attention to every detail. For instance, you need to ensure your web pages load quickly, your pages are not too cluttered, and the text is easy to read.

You need to ensure your website uses the right SEO methods and that it is optimised for mobile devices, too. If you are selling your craft beer directly through your website, you also need to ensure the order processing is as simple as possible.

And to ensure you can fulfil orders quickly and win repeat business, use an all-in-one application for breweries, like that from Ollie. When you get Ollie, you can also better manage things like your brewery production, inventory, and customer relationships, all from a single platform.

4. Connect with industry publications

One great thing about the craft beer industry is that there are multiple online and offline publications that dedicated fans of craft beers read regularly.

Therefore, you can reach your target customers easily by connecting with industry publications.

When you reach out to publications, make sure you tell them what your story is, what your products are, and what sets you apart from other brewing companies.

5. Attend festivals and events

There is no better way of marketing beer than to give out free samples. After all, at the end of the day, it is the taste that matters. You can easily give out free samples and sell your products at festivals and events.

In addition to setting up stalls at beer events, look at attending non-industry events like music festivals. You can get your brand known by a large number of people within a short amount of time by having a strong presence at multiple festivals and events.

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