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Five ways to grow your social media presence

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22nd Nov 22 2:00 pm

In the internet age, social media is one of the best ways to gain recognition for your brand, product, or idea. With the ability to reach a diverse audience, you can truly expand the number of people that see your content.

However, it can be challenging to get your accounts started. It may be frustrating at first when you have few followers and no recognition.

Here are five tried-and-true ways to grow your social media presence.

1. Promote your accounts

It can be challenging to get an account off its feet. The first thing to do is promote your accounts on your personal social media accounts across different platforms. For example, advertise your Instagram on YouTube, your YouTube on Instagram, your Facebook on TikTok, etc.

This can help you grow your following. You could even buy premium Instagram followers to give your account the appearance of a large following. A large following can legitimise your profile and help you gain new followers organically.

2. Interact with your followers

Followers want to feel valued. Interacting with your followers lets them see that you’re listening and taking their opinions into account. It also prevents your account from seeming robotic and helps followers see that there is a real person behind the profile.

This type of interaction helps followers feel noticed and special. It also prevents them from losing interest.

3. Customer service is a part of your brand

If you’re attempting to maintain a positive view of your brand, product, or image, it’s crucial to have impeccable customer service. This means being polite to people on your page and actively attempting to ensure they are enjoying the content.

It also means helping followers work out grievances that they may have with your brand or company. This will show other patrons of your page that you will work with them and that they will be likely to have a good experience consuming your content.

Even if something were to go wrong, they know they can rely on you to be flexible and open to solving the problem.

4. Stay up to date on current trends

Next, staying up to date on current trends is very important. Doing so will help your company attain relevance and allow you to use hashtags to your benefit. Using appropriate tags will ensure that your post can compete with other trending posts.

Staying current on trends can also help your posts become viral since they’ll be relevant to the ongoing state of affairs on the internet. You need to move fast, though: studies show that trends change much faster than they used to. Jump on exciting trends quickly!

The best way to stay relevant is to watch other content creators in your field. See who starts trends, who rides the wave, and who is too late to hop on the bandwagon. Falling behind could reflect negatively on your page.

5. Stay active

It’s essential to post regularly to engage with followers actively. Your posts don’t have to be complex, just something to show that you’re still around. If you’re not posting regularly, followers can lose interest and unfollow you.

Not to mention, if you’re posting regularly, it gives your content a better chance of being seen. However, be careful not to post too frequently, as it often appears annoying or spammy to followers.

It is recommended that businesses post on their social media about three times a week at least.

Most importantly: Know your audience

Finally, the most critical part is to know your audience. If your product primarily applies to teenage girls, don’t attempt to make content that appeals to middle-aged men. Or, for example, if your content is relatable to parents, you probably won’t appeal to people without kids.

Knowing your target demographics can help you better curate your content. Once you’ve done that, the previous points become much more attainable.

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