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Five inspiring ideas for engraving your wedding ring

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19th Jan 22 3:21 pm

Most people want their wedding rings to be engraved these days. It is a romantic way of personalising a symbol of their togetherness, love and lifelong commitment. But since the engraving has to be special, people spend a lot of time trying to figure out what they would want on the ring. So, we have listed down 5 inspiring ideas for engraving your wedding ring. Check it out.

1. Cute nicknames

Getting each other’s names or even initials is so yesterday. Nowadays almost every couple has really cute, mushy and super cheesy nicknames for each other. Keep your wedding mood fun and quirky by engraving these on to your wedding rings. Even if you’re the shy type that does not want anyone else to know about these ‘honeybunch’, ‘studmuffin’ kind of names, rest assured, no one’s going to be checking your wedding band. So it still can be a little secret that you two have.

2. The date you met on

This one’s quite cliché, yet hold a very special place in everyone’s heart. The dates are very important in a relationship and especially if you’re the one to remember birthdays, anniversaries and make the day special, then you could consider engraving the date when you met, on the wedding ring. Alternatively, you could also engrave the date of proposal, or even first dinner or coffee date. As long as the date means something to you, it’s a wonderful gesture.

3. A special phrase or quote

This idea might not be for everyone but we all sure know that one couple who has a special phrase just between the two of them. It might be a dialogue from a movie or a favourite line from a favourite song. Basically, just a phrase that is deep and meaningful to the couple. Having that engraved is like etching in gold the special bond that you two share and the beginning of the little world that you are going to create together as a family.

4. Forever/always

If you’re not the literary type but still want to keep it special, just a simple word like ‘forever’ or ‘always’ will do the job. It is simple, yet absolutely wholesome and very meaningful. It is important to remember that the gesture is more important and your wedding rings Hatton Garden engraving will have all the meaning that you will give it.

5. Your special hashtag

Hashtags are the flavour of the month. Heard of celebrity hashtags that combine both their names into a unique name. You could do that too. This trend is all over the internet now as we see not just celebrities but even regular people use couple name hashtags in their Instagram profiles. A combined name means the fusion of not just names but also your life from today till forever. It is a lovely way of letting each other and the world know about your special bond. You can also use this name as a hashtag to make your wedding into a popular event.

As a couple, you can either have the same thing engraved or different on your rings. Most importantly, you need to remember that it is just a gesture and your love and inspiring memories for each other is what gives it any significance. To make it more special, plan a trip to any nice travel places near London and gift them when you are alone. It will speak a lot.

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