Home Business News Failure to automate payroll processes could lead to millions being paid late or incorrectly 

Failure to automate payroll processes could lead to millions being paid late or incorrectly 

by LLB Finance Reporter
30th Aug 23 10:02 am

In advance of National Payroll Week, IRIS Software Group (IRIS) is calling for payroll professionals to be given the modern tools they need to ensure every employee can be paid the right amount, on time, every time.  


With latest IRIS research revealing 35% of UK workers have been paid late or incorrectly, and one in five (20%) payroll professionals calling for better integration with payroll software, there’s a clear need for greater technological adoption across the industry.  


Nearly half (46%) of payroll professionals are still forced to manually rekey each payee’s details from their payroll solution into their payroll payment provider or online banking facility. This wastes time they don’t have to spare and is highly inefficient and error prone – which in some industries could lead to non-compliance and costly fines.  


Further, IRIS’ research reveals one in five (20%) payroll teams still rely on spreadsheets or CSV files to transfer payee information to their payment provider and one in 10 (10%) use txt files. This manual inputting and transferring of data is highly time-consuming and prone to human error.  


With software integration between HR and payroll systems, single points of failure within organisations are removed and changes can be automatically reflected in both systems whenever employees update information such as their bank details or home address, significantly reducing the risk of mistakes. Combined workflows within the systems also streamline tiresome admin tasks and can enable automated reminders which chase managers to input pay amendments such as overtime or expenses, ensuring deadlines aren’t missed.  


Fran Williams, Payroll and Managed Services Director at IRIS Software Group comments, “While the critical role of payroll professionals has been brought to the fore in recent years, many are still forced to rely on manual, outdated and error-prone software processes, which create stress and waste precious time.  


He continues, “Payroll teams need access to automated, up-to-date software and tools which remove the need to make multiple copies of data, protect sensitive data, and ensure they remain compliant with latest tax and national insurance legislation. With all the efforts involved in managing a complex and legislatively burdensome end-to-end payroll process to tight deadlines, it seems unfair all that hard work is lost with the error-prone manual process to facilitate payroll payments. Payroll professionals deserve integrations with payment and banking facilities. This National Payroll Week, let’s celebrate our payroll professionals by giving them the tools they need to succeed so they can focus on what’s truly important: your people.”  

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