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Expert warns people how they will die from coronavirus

by LLB Reporter
3rd Apr 20 3:51 pm

Palliative care expert, Kathryn Mannix told the BBC that people with a severe case of coronavirus wil died very “quickly.”

To help the public cope, Mannix explained how to understand the “horrible distressing” process.

She told, BBC’s Coronavirus Newcast, “Knowing what to expect because the process itself, even if it’s happening quite quickly as it is with this lung inflammation from the coronavirus, is not something that is horribly uncomfortable or horribly distressing.

“It’s more a process of not being able to stay awake properly anymore, running out of energy and gradually becoming unconscious.

“Once people know that and they know that’s what their family is going to see as well.

“They’re not going to see something that’s going to traumatise them forever then everybody feels a little bit less apprehensive about it all.”

The BBC’s host, Adam Flemming asked Mannix, “Isn’t the problem with this though is that people are dying in hospital but because of the virus, their family can’t go and be with them when it happens. It’s not a nice controlled way.”

Mannix replied, “You’re right. This is an absolute game-changer. In order to be able to protect the staff from a family member who is sick.

“We have to ask for current patients and family members to stay away.

“That’s dreadful and it’s dreadful for families. It’s isolating for the person who is sick enough to die and again we need to think a bit about people who don’t die.”

Experts warn London cases will peak in two weeks as deaths in the capital surge

Experts have warned that the peak of coronavirus will happen within a fortnight, as London has now over 1,000 deaths.

According to the Health Service Journal, the current confirmed cases across London as of, 9am on Thursday morning, stands at 1,053, with 161 more deaths in the capital on Friday.

The Department for Heath announced on Friday, “As of 9am 3 April, a total of 173,784 people have been tested of which 38,168 tested positive.

“As of 5pm on 2 April, of those hospitalised in the UK who tested positive for coronavirus, 3,605 have sadly died.” This an increase of 23% in just one day.

An NHS doctor who is on the frontline has warned that her ward is full of young people and is urging people to strictly follow the lockdown laws.

Dr Ami Jones who works at the Royal Gwent Hospital as an intensive care consultant said the hospital is “very, very busy.”

“It’s not just the vulnerable and elderly that are getting poorly, my unit is full of 20, 30 and 40-year-olds.”

NHS doctors face “grave decisions” over who lives and who dies according to new guidance issued over life saving treatment for coronavirus patients.

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