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Europe locks down over 100m people and borders

by LLB Reporter
16th Mar 20 1:37 pm

Daily there are countries across Europe that are locking down their cities and closing border, on Monday Germany has now started with border check points.

There are just over 741m people who live across the 44 countries in Europe and the 27 nations who form the European Union.

The check points across Germany’s border are in place with France, Denmark, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland.

Portugal are now closing the border with Spain which is the second worst affected country in Europe.

Spain and Italy are in lockdown and the Spanish prime minister, Pedro Sanchez, said his wife has tested positive for coronavirus.

He said, “From now, we enter into a new phase.

“We won’t hesitate in doing what we need must to beat the virus. We are putting health first.”

Geneva have announced bans on large gatherings, and as of Sunday Poland’s capital, Warsaw banned foreign travellers.

Poland has also cancelled all flights from Warsaw Chopin Airport and John Paul II Kraków-Balice International Airport.

The Netherlands ordered schools, restaurants and bars to close until 6 April, whilst Slovakia has ordered the closure of all shops except food stores, pharmacies, banks, petrol stations, and post offices.

Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic has “declared a state of emergency” and has deployed the army as all public spaces are now shut down.

Vucic has closed the country’s borders and declared the ongoing crisis a battle to “save our elderly.”

The Serbian President said, “From tomorrow, there is no more school, no nurseries, no universities, everything closes, no training, sports… We will close down to save our lives, to save our parents, to save our elderly.”

Italy had their first confirmed coronavirus case on 21 February, in just 23 days 1,809 people have died with 24,747 confirmed cases.

Italy has the largest suspected and confirmed cases in Europe, according to data from John Hopkins University.

An Italian doctor who is at the heart of the coronavirus outbreak has spoken out and has said the virus is a “tsunami that has swept us all.”

Dr Daniele Macchini candidly spoke of the huge pressures that health professionals are going through across Italy, which has now been classed as “protected zone.”

He admitted “the need not to create panic” however, “the message of the danger of what is happening” is not reaching people.

An NHS doctor who is trapped in coronavirus infected Italy has warned the British government to “shut down everything.”

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