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EU hangs on a thin thread as Brussels ‘could fall apart’

by LLB Reporter
20th Apr 20 3:37 pm

The German Christian Democratic Union leader, Friedrich Merz hit out against Italy’s Eurobonds demands, on Sunday.

The leading politician has suggested “the EU can fall apart because of this,” as Italy have previously warned they could leave Brussels.

Merz is strongly thought to be the next successor to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Finding himself in a backlash, Merz made serious allegations that the Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte is using the coronavirus crisis for his own purposes.

He accused Conte of not wanting any aid from the EU.

Merz wrote in a tweet on Sunday, “That shows that Italy has no acute need for financing.

“It tries to find unlimited financing options for its state budget in the slipstream of coronavirus.”

The Green European politician Reinhard Bütikofer said, “This is as malicious as it is wrong.

“The EU can fall apart because of such lies.”

Merz has caused anger in Italy and Germany surrounding the tweet led the hashtag “#Merz” to trend on Sunday.

There is a rising feeling among even its pro-European elite that Italy has been abandoned by its EU neighbours.

Carlo Calenda, leader of the pro-European Action party, said hie members are writing to him asking, “Why do we want to stay in the EU, it is useless.

“A massive, massive shift is happening in Italy.

“You have thousands of pro-Europeans moving to this position.”

Italy warned last Tuesday they could leave the EU over Brussels inability to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Brussels could be the next victim to coronavirus as Italian politicians insist it “would be better to leave Brussels” they have warned.

The EU economy is on the brink of falling into a recession since they were forced to initiate lockdown measure to control the spread of coronavirus.

Italian MEP Adinolfi said, “The EU response to the coronavirus crisis has been inadequate. It would be better to leave Brussels.

“If this is what the EU is about, perhaps it is better to collect signatures for the referendum to abandon Brussels.”

The French President Emmanuel Macron has warned the European Union faces collapse unless Brussels comes to the aid of the economies.

Macron insists Brussels have “no choice” and must set up a rescue fund that enables poorer member states to share their debt with the richer states.

Macron has slammed the EU over their handling of the coronavirus pandemic and said the bloc faces a “moment of truth” to prove and decide whether they are just a single economic market.

The French President told the Financial Times, “If we can’t do this today, I tell you the populists will win today, tomorrow, the day after, in Italy, in Spain, perhaps in France and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson has been urged by senior Tory MPs to tear up the £39bn divorce bill to the EU if they fail to agree a 2020 trade deal.

David Frost the governments chief Brexit negotiator confirmed that the government will not cave in to demands from Brussels.

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